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African Arts

The newest born of Cambi’s departments is the one having as an object the African Arts auctions, thus dedicated to collectors and lovers of African arts and artworks, exploring a new sector for the Italian art market, a field having numerous enthusiasts in France, United Kingdom and the United States.  

Cambi’s department dedicated to African arts is proof of our tireless desire to offer our clients and collectors the possibility to acquire rare and important African works of art, that can represent a valuable investment over time.  

Examples of fine artworks sold in Cambi’s African Art auctions are the Baoulé masks used in traditional dances in Ivory Coast, the small sculptures and statues as the Luba female figure from the Democratic Republic of Congo, artistic, ceremonial and sacre objects as altars and scepters, decorative objects and ceremonial clothing used by various African cultures following precise sacre and religious rituals.  

Paolo Novaresio:

Auctions of ”African Arts”
African Art
Auction 0172African Art
tue 25 JUNE 2013
African Art
Auction 0127African Art
tue 24 APRIL 2012
Primary Arts from Africa and Oceania
Auction 0115Primary Arts from Africa and Oceania
mon 2 MAY 2011