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Carpets and Rugs

Cambi Auction House of antique carpets and rugs are periodically organized since 2011 and offer wide collections of craftsmanship pieces, of European, Oriental and Asian manufactoring that often come from private collections. The department offeres our clients the possibility to acquire rare and nerver seen before antique carpets and rugs of extraordinary artistic and aesthetic value. 

The valuation criteria, close to the manufacturing skills, motives and general aesthetics, color theme and intensity and of course the carpet’s rarity, its originality and overall refinement.  

In the last few years, Cambi Auction House obtained excellent results in ancient carpets auctions, collections that are usually included in the antiques auctions with a large section dedicated to them. Cambi’s exclusive carpets and rugs auctions take place once a yeas as well and include rare artworks of Persian and Chinese manufacture, Turkish and Indian fine creations, Armenian and European elegant pieces.  

Among the most significant sales from the Department of Antique carpets can be remembered the Chinese silk carpet with a dragon decor and bronze strings adornments from the XIXth Century, sold for € 33,000, the Persian antique red brick background carpet featuring a splendid blue geometrical medal sold for €16,500 and the Keshan Manchester Persian pink background carpet adorned by a floral decoration, sold for €12,000.

Giovanna Maragliano:
Auctions of ”Carpets and Rugs”
Fine Carpets
Auction 0326Fine Carpets
tue 14 NOVEMBER 2017
Fine Carpets
Auction 0274Fine Carpets
wed 16 NOVEMBER 2016
Fine Carpets
Auction 0247Fine Carpets
tue 1 DECEMBER 2015
Fine Carpets
Auction 0219Fine Carpets
thu 30 OCTOBER 2014
Ancient Carpets
Auction 0180Ancient Carpets
tue 29 OCTOBER 2013
Ancient Carpets
Auction 0153Ancient Carpets
tue 4 DECEMBER 2012
Ancient Carpets
Auction 0133Ancient Carpets
tue 29 MAY 2012
Ancient Carpets
Auction 0122Ancient Carpets
wed 16 NOVEMBER 2011