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Modern and Contemporary Art

Cambi’s department having as an object Modern and Contemporary Art stands out in the complex and crowded current art market, in its variuos and many declinations, for the capacity of offer regularly high quality artworks that are always accompanied by authetications and certifications, answering the today’s modern and contemporary art market requests and interests in the best way.  

Modern and Contemporary Art Department has obtained excellent results from the first sales ever organized and now it proposes two dedicated appointments, in spring and autumn.  Among the economic estimation criteria of the artworks included in the catalogues there are parameters as execution technique, artwork conservation necessities, author and authetications, used materials and artistic period of creation and importance of the artistic trend to which it belongs, historic avantgarde that can represent and aesthetic value.  
Artworks included in Cambi’s auction catalogues of Modern and Contemporay Art, belong to the biggest names as Pablo Picasso and Lucio Fontana, Antonio Dias, Afro Basardella and Alexander Calder but also to emerging artists with artworks often originating form private collections.  Among the most important sales of this Department can be remembered artworks such as those belonging to Anonio Dias and Hans Hartung that represented sale records for the artists, the bronze signed Arnaldo Pomodoro “Grande tavola dei Segni” sold for € 125,000 and “Concetto Spaziale” by Lucio Fontana sold for € 90,000. 

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Auctions of ”Modern and Contemporary Art”
Modern and Contemporary Art
Auction 0277Modern and Contemporary Art
mon 28 NOVEMBER 2016
Modern and Contemporary Art
Auction 0263Modern and Contemporary Art
mon 13 JUNE 2016
Modern and Contemporary Art
Auction 0237Modern and Contemporary Art
tue 17 NOVEMBER 2015
Modern and Contemporary Art
Auction 0227Modern and Contemporary Art
tue 28 APRIL 2015
Modern and Contemporary Art
Auction 0218Modern and Contemporary Art
tue 18 NOVEMBER 2014
Modern and Contemporary Art
Auction 0185Modern and Contemporary Art
mon 19 MAY 2014
Modern and Contemporary Art
Auction 0169Modern and Contemporary Art
wed 12 JUNE 2013
Modern and Contemporary Art
Auction 0151Modern and Contemporary Art
thu 6 DECEMBER 2012
Modern and Contemporary Art
Auction 0132Modern and Contemporary Art
tue 24 APRIL 2012
Modern and Contamporary Art
Auction 0111Modern and Contamporary Art
mon 2 MAY 2011