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Old Master Paintings and Drawings

Cambi’s department of old master paintings is undoubtedly one that has given us major satisfactions over the years, with sales that have often represented the top lots of our antique paintings auctions. Some of the most important examples of ancient paintings sold by Cambi are surely artworks such as the couple of paintings by Panini sold for € 393,000, a figure that in 2007 was Cambi’s highest sale made up to that point.

Excellent sales were also achieved by the ancient paintings of Italian painters such as Sandro Botticelli for his Madonna and Child, sold for € 250,000, the Gaspare Diziani, sold at € 160,000, or the Baths View of Diocletian Van Lint, painting sold for € 190,000.

Cambi’s old master paintings auctions usually take place twice a year, in spring and autumn, offering a wide selection of paintings of great importance, with a predominance of Genoese School artworks from the seventeenth and eighteenth century, paintings that were often for the first time properly credited to Cambiaso, Paggi, Bernardo Castello, Fiasella, Strozzi, De Ferrari, Guidobono, Tavella, Coal, De Wael, Borzone, Bertolotto, Travi, Ansaldo, Piola, Asseretos, Valerio Castello.   

The department of ancient paintings boasts many years of experience and a rich tradition in the antique art sales; Cambi’s auction catalogues include artworks representing historical and religious scenes, social motives and landscapes, portraits and still lifes, paintings of famous artists from different artistic periods such as the Renaissance, Romanticism, Realism, Mannerism, Baroque, Rococo, Gothic, as well as various art schools.

Auctions of ”Old Master Paintings and Drawings”
Old Masters Paintings
Auction 0343Old Masters Paintings
thu 17 MAY 2018
Fine Art
Auction 0340Fine Art
tue 13 MARCH 2018
Important Artworks and Furnitures
Auction 0336Important Artworks and Furnitures
tue 19 DECEMBER 2017
Old Masters Paintings
Auction 0319Old Masters Paintings
wed 15 NOVEMBER 2017
Fine Art
Auction 0309Fine Art
wed 25 OCTOBER 2017
Taste, Furniture and Residences, An Italian Collection
Auction 0300Taste, Furniture and Residences, An Italian Collection
tue 13 JUNE 2017
Old Masters Paintings
Auction 0298Old Masters Paintings
wed 17 MAY 2017
Old Masters Drawings
Auction 0298Old Masters Drawings
wed 17 MAY 2017
Important Furniture and Works of Art
Auction 0275Important Furniture and Works of Art
thu 17 NOVEMBER 2016
Old Masters Paintings
Auction 0272Old Masters Paintings
tue 15 NOVEMBER 2016