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Always present in the fine arts auctions, in the last years silvers catalogues hosted also clocks and jewels, with great results for some pieces of Russian art of the 19th century or for the Genoese silvers of the 18th century, such as some Roman and Maltese pieces.  

Giulio Cambi:
Auctions of ”Silvers”
Fine Jewels
Auction 0209 - I - Fine Jewels
tue 18 NOVEMBER 2014
Silver an a Filigrana Collection
Auction 0196 - II - Silver an a Filigrana Collection
mon 19 MAY 2014
Silver, Watches, Antique and Contemporary Jewelry
Auction 0178 - Silver, Watches, Antique and Contemporary Jewelry
mon 2 DECEMBER 2013
Silver, Ancient and Contemporary Jewels
Auction 0164 - Silver, Ancient and Contemporary Jewels
tue 21 MAY 2013
Silvers, Ancient and Contemporary Jewels
Auction 0147 - Silvers, Ancient and Contemporary Jewels
mon 3 DECEMBER 2012
Silvers, Ancient and Comtemporary Jewels
Auction 0134 - Silvers, Ancient and Comtemporary Jewels
mon 28 MAY 2012
Silver, Clocks and Jewels
Auction 0112 - Silver, Clocks and Jewels
mon 14 MARCH 2011