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Modern and Contemporary Art

A quite recent department in the history of Cambi, which started to work regularly with contemporary art only from 2008, selling high quality works with all necessary authentications and certifications, starting to work in this sector in the best way possible and getting immediately good results. Currently, it organizes two sales per year with a dedicated catalogue and it is one of the emerging departments for the next years. 

Michela Scotti:
Giulio Cambi: 
Auctions of ”Modern and Contemporary Art”
Modern and Contemporary Art
Auction 0227 - Modern and Contemporary Art
tue 28 APRIL 2015
Modern and Contemporary Art
Auction 0218 - Modern and Contemporary Art
tue 18 NOVEMBER 2014
Modern and Contemporary Art
Auction 0185 - Modern and Contemporary Art
mon 19 MAY 2014
Modern and Contemporary Art
Auction 0169 - Modern and Contemporary Art
wed 12 JUNE 2013
Modern and Contemporary Art
Auction 0151 - Modern and Contemporary Art
thu 6 DECEMBER 2012
Modern and Contemporary Art
Auction 0132 - Modern and Contemporary Art
tue 24 APRIL 2012
Modern and Contamporary Art
Auction 0111 - Modern and Contamporary Art
mon 2 MAY 2011
Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
Auction 0098 - II - Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
wed 9 JUNE 2010
Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
Auction 0096 - Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
thu 3 DECEMBER 2009
Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
Auction 0085 - Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
thu 11 DECEMBER 2008
Arte moderna e contemporanea
Auction 0076 - Arte moderna e contemporanea
wed 23 APRIL 2008