Antique and Old Masters

Oriental Art

The Oriental Art has always been present on the international market , it has earned a place among the leading sectors of the Auction House with sales increasingly important in recent years as a painting on silk of the nineteenth century, sold for 32,000 euro or a coral carved with female figures sold for over € 100,000 . In 2012, was made a major leap forward , thanks to which Cambi has been able to record in the saleroom for more than 3.5 million Euros , with important results such as a bronze sculpture depicting the figure of Begtse of Qianlong period , sold for 596,000 Euros and a bell with dorje jade imperial manufactory and Qianlong period sold for 690,000 Euros . In May 2013 another major auction sales of over 6.5 millions euro, including the award of a large screen with polychrome porcelain plaques sold for € 2,070,000 , with whom Cambi got up again Italian record in the industry. The art market has long gone global , thanks largely to the development of the internet and the ability to achieve sales from all over the world via the telephone and the most advanced online services. It is no longer true that a work or an entire collection of Oriental art can achieve better sales only if proposed in Shanghai , London or New York. The Chinese and European collectors know the reality where works are proposed for quality and carefully follow the previews of future auctions. Dario Mottola, as expert of the department, personally oversees the selection and cataloging of the works to be offered in the catalogs, and together with the staff of the Auction House is available to evaluate works and collections to rely on for future sales, which are organized twice a year.

Dario Mottola: