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Ceramics and Glasses

Since always passion of the auction house, ceramics are regularly inserted in the fine arts catalogue, but for some particular collections we organized also monographic catalogues with a scientific cataloguing entrusted to experts of the sector.  The best results were reached by Ligurian ceramics and Castelli’s of the 16th-18th century, for Sevres’ pottery of the 19th century and the Ginori’s of the 18th.

Matteo Cambi:
Auctions of ”Ceramics and Glasses”
Italian Majolica from 16th to 18th Century
Auction 0162Italian Majolica from 16th to 18th Century
wed 24 APRIL 2013
La Collezione GM - I Vetri
Auction 0089La Collezione GM - I Vetri
mon 28 SEPTEMBER 2009