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Old Masters Paintings

It is, with no doubt, the department with the best adjudications of our sales, it is enough to mention the pair of paintings by Panini sold for € 393.000, currently the record of our auction house.
A lot of important works were put for sale during our auctions, with a prevalence of paintings from the Genoese school of the 17th and 18th century which were sometimes ascribed for the first time with works by Cambiaso, Paggi, Bernardo Castello, Fiasella, Strozzi, De Ferrari, Guidobono, Tavella, Carbone, De Wael, Borzone, Bertolotto, Travi, Ansaldo, Piola, Assereto, Valerio Castello. There had been also great adjudications as for Italian painters, like, for example, more than160.000 euro for a painting by Gaspare Diziani or the recent 190.000 euro for the view of the Diocletian’s thermal baths by Van Lint. These paintings are usually sold three times per year within the Fine Arts catalogue or with a dedicated catalogue.

Auctions of ”Old Masters Paintings”
Old Masters Paintings
Auction 0246Old Masters Paintings
tue 1 DECEMBER 2015
Fine Art Selection
Auction 0245 - IFine Art Selection
wed 18 NOVEMBER 2015
Fine Art Selection
Auction 0228Fine Art Selection
tue 26 MAY 2015
Fine Art Selection
Auction 0215 - IIFine Art Selection
tue 18 NOVEMBER 2014
Old Masters Paintings
Auction 0206Old Masters Paintings
wed 29 OCTOBER 2014
Old Masters Paintings
Auction 0192Old Masters Paintings
tue 15 APRIL 2014
Old Masters Paintings
Auction 0175 - IIOld Masters Paintings
tue 29 OCTOBER 2013
Fine Drawings
Auction 0175 - IFine Drawings
tue 29 OCTOBER 2013
Old Masters
Auction 0160Old Masters
tue 23 APRIL 2013
An important Genoese Heritage
Auction 0157 - IAn important Genoese Heritage
wed 13 MARCH 2013