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Art Objects

Always present during fine arts auctions, they are one of the most interesting aspects of our sales, with frequently foreign adjudications.  

Matteo Cambi:
Auctions of ”Art Objects”
Fine Art Selection
Auction 0228Fine Art Selection
tue 26 MAY 2015
Sculpture and Works of Art
Auction 0225Sculpture and Works of Art
tue 19 MAY 2015
Fine Art Selection
Auction 0215 - IIFine Art Selection
tue 18 NOVEMBER 2014
Sculpture and Works of Art
Auction 0193Sculpture and Works of Art
tue 15 APRIL 2014
Sculpture and works of art
Auction 0171Sculpture and works of art
tue 29 OCTOBER 2013
The GM Collection
Auction 0107The GM Collection
thu 16 DECEMBER 2010
La Collezione GM - I Vetri
Auction 0089La Collezione GM - I Vetri
mon 28 SEPTEMBER 2009
La Collezione GM - Lo Studio
Auction 0090 - IILa Collezione GM - Lo Studio
tue 26 MAY 2009