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This is not a real department but a section of the largest fine arts catalogue but we decided to highlight it for the great results and for the interest it met with our clients, with growing adjudications for works in marble, wood, bronze and ivory.  

Auctions of ”Sculpture”
Fine Art Selection
Auction 0215 - II - Fine Art Selection
tue 18 NOVEMBER 2014
Sculpture and Works of Art
Auction 0193 - Sculpture and Works of Art
tue 15 APRIL 2014
Sculpture and works of art
Auction 0171 - Sculpture and works of art
tue 29 OCTOBER 2013
Sculpture and Works of Art
Auction 0135 - Sculpture and Works of Art
wed 30 MAY 2012
The GM Collection
Auction 0107 - The GM Collection
thu 16 DECEMBER 2010
La Collezione GM - I Vetri
Auction 0089 - La Collezione GM - I Vetri
mon 28 SEPTEMBER 2009
La Collezione GM - Lo Studio
Auction 0090 - II - La Collezione GM - Lo Studio
tue 26 MAY 2009