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Yacht Auction

Yacht Auction - Yacht Auction
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Yacht Auction - Tuesday 25 September 2012 - 15:00 PM

Despite the current situation of second-hand boat market, extremely reduced because of an excessive offer due to an overproduction of the past ten years, the high number of not finished leasing and the current economic contingency, Cambi launched a new proposition of boats and yachts auction.
The system is already in use in the United States and, at present, not yet applied in Europe. Cambi had already successfully tried it in 2010, in cooperation with Aloisa Moncada di Paternò, but only for vintage boats, while now the auction concerns also last generation boats and yachts. It is therefore a première and an original and innovative proposal in a market frozen by continuous and growing difficulties.
Auctions are the most positive and efficient way to realize the highest price that the market can pay; the owners show, in this way, their real intention to sell ùand not only to test market reactions. Selling boats by auction is a new resource also for traditional broker houses and not a competitor. Boats and yachts are sold“as is, where is”.
For this reason, the auction will be anticipated by a few days of exhibition so that potential buyers will have the chance to check the boat or the yacht before placing their bids. It is always necessary to strongly advertise the sale of a boat or a yacht, either in case of a private negotiation or on an auction, which should positively lead to a final sale. This is the day of the auction, when people can have the real opportunity to buy and sell. Too frequently boats and yachts are proposed at an inflated, exaggerated or unrealistic price. Only through the sale by auction and a real confrontation among buyers, it is possible to reach the real price that the market is willing to pay. Potential buyers are more interested in investing time and money – and also in travelling – to examine the boat or the yacht, when they are sure that they are sold at the right conditions; they will prefer to do it if the boat is sold by auction and is guaranteed by the expertise of an International certification body.

For this reason, Cambi entered into a cooperation agreement with a team of professional experts of the market – such as Corrado di Majo, Alessandro Mazzoni, Aloisa Moncada di Paternò and Roberto Franzoni, all well known for their long activity in the field of yachting and brokering – and with the certification body Bureau Veritas that, since 1828, verifies and certifies the quality of ships, buildings and plants. Auction system, new and still unexplored, is for sure very attractive for the curiosity it raises, for the emotion provoked by the competition on the price and also for the hope to make a good deal. An important auction house such as Cambi guarantees that boats and yachts, proposed with the cooperation of its team of experts, carefully selected within the huge second-hand fleet, correspond to the top quality offer. 2012 will be with no doubt an extremely complex year for yachting market, so it could be the right time to buy on an auction.

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