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Silvers and Object de Vertu Auction   555

fri 11 / tue 22 SEPTEMBER 2020
Silvers and Object de Vertu
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Silvers and Object de Vertu

fri 11 / tue 22 SEPTEMBER 2020
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Silverware and Object de Vertu from private Italian collections
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Molten, embossed and chiselled silver, first half of XIX century. Silversmith Francesco Ossani. 167gr, ...
2 cylindrical inkstand elements, Rome 1800s
Time left: 2g 0h 22m 54s
Current offer: € 110,00
Marks by unidentified silversmith F. L. Weighted base, 574gr (gross weight), H 23.5cm.
2 silver candlesticks, Milan early 1800s
Time left: 2g 0h 21m 54s
Current offer: € 400,00
Three objects in silver. ...
2 sugar bowls, a tray
Time left: 2g 1h 15m 54s
Current offer: € 400,00
A basket and centerpiece in silver by Castaudi and Gautero. 330gr, diam. 22cm.
A basket and centrepiece, Vercelli, 1900s
Time left: 2g 1h 28m 24s
€ 200,00 - 300,00
A jewelry box in molten and chiselled silver, by silversmiths Broggi. 190gr, 12.5x8.5cm.
A box with coral, Milan, 1900s
Time left: 2g 1h 11m 24s
€ 200,00 - 300,00
Acquasantiera in argento con miniatura raffigurante  ...
Time left: 2g 0h 18m 54s
Current offer: € 360,00
Acquasantiera in argento raffigurante la Vergine Immacolata,  ...
Time left: 2g 0h 19m 24s
Current offer: € 340,00
Crystal and gilt metal. H 9.5cm
A crystal perfume bottle, Europe, 1700s
Time left: 2g 1h 5m 54s
€ 200,00 - 300,00
A stand for desserts in gilt 925 silver. 740gr, H 19cm.
A gilt silver stand, Kashmir, 1885 ca.
Time left: 2g 1h 9m 24s
Current offer: € 300,00

Ritratto di gentiluomo

Miniature portrait belonging to the French School, with a monogram on the back. 10.5x5.5cm frame, ...
A miniature portrait of a gentleman, 1800s
Time left: 2g 1h 8m 24s
€ 200,00 - 300,00

Ritratto di giovane

Miniature belonging to the French School in a metal frame. ...
A miniature portrait of a young man, 1800s
Time left: 2g 1h 6m 54s
€ 300,00 - 400,00

Ritratto di giovane dama

Miniature by Carlo Caruson (attr.) of the English School, XVIII century, with perforated metal frame. ...
A miniature portrait of a young woman, 1800s
Time left: 2g 1h 7m 54s
€ 300,00 - 400,00
Miniature painted on mother-of-pearl. Ivory, turtle and gilt metal case. 6x5cm.
An oval silver pendant with a miniature, 1700s
Time left: 2g 1h 6m 24s
€ 200,00 - 250,00
Silver and marble candlesticks. Made by Unoaerre. H 16cm.
A pair of small candlesticks, Arezzo, 1900s
Time left: 2g 1h 37m 24s
Current offer: € 150,00
Silversmith I.D. (unidentified). Molten, embossed, perforated and chiselled silver. 700gr, 10x36cm
A silver basket, London 1828
Time left: 2g 0h 31m 24s
Current offer: € 320,00
A bowl with shell-shaped handles in sterling silver, made by Goldsmith's and Silversmith's Company. ...
A silver bowl, London, 1900s
Time left: 2g 0h 34m 24s
€ 200,00 - 250,00
London 1758. Molten, embossed and chiselled silver. 780gr, H 24cm
A silver coffee pot, T. Cooke II & R. Gurney
Time left: 2g 0h 30m 24s
€ 700,00 - 1.000,00
Molten, embossed and chiselled silver with carved wood handle. 552gr, H 24cm
A silver coffee pot, Venice 1770
Time left: 2g 0h 17m 24s
€ 1.300,00 - 1.500,00
Molten and chiselled silver. 590 gr, 27.5x22
A silver cruet stand, France (?), 1800s
Time left: 2g 1h 15m 54s
Current offer: € 260,00
Embossed, chiselled and perforated silver and glass cruets. 375gr net weight, 19x13x24cm
A silver cruet stand, Venice early 1700s
Time left: 2g 0h 16m 54s
€ 300,00 - 500,00
Molten and chiselled silver. 503gr, diam. 27cm.
A silver dish, Milan, 1900s, E. Genazzi
Time left: 2g 1h 12m 24s
Current offer: € 220,00
Molten, embossed and chiselled silver in a moulded wooden frame. 43x22cm
A silver holy water fount, Genoa 1700s
Time left: 2g 0h 18m 24s
€ 800,00 - 1.000,00
Molten, embossed and chiselled silver. 18x13cm within a carved gilt frame 39x29cm
A silver holy water fount, Italy 1800s
Time left: 2g 0h 17m 54s
€ 400,00 - 600,00
Decoration in molten and chiselled silver. 105gr, 14x9.5cm
A silver pendant, Germany (?), early 1900s
Time left: 2g 1h 7m 24s
€ 200,00 - 300,00
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1 - 179  of 179 LOTS

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