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Auction 117
mon 14 NOVEMBER 2011
GENOA - Mackenzie Castle
The sale contains many wrist-watches and a selection of jewels from the 18 th century up to now
Auction 116
mon 26 SEPTEMBER - thu 29 SEPTEMBER 2011
GENOVA - Castello Mackenzie
Arredi, dipinti e oggetti da collezione dal XVI al XX secolo, oltre ad un raro insieme di argenti toscani antichi proveniente da una collezione privata.
Auction 114
thu 9 JUNE - mon 13 JUNE 2011
Genova - Castello Mackenzie
La vendita propone numerosi arredi, dipinti e oggetti d'arte provenienti da collezioni genovesi e piemontesi, oltre ad interessanti affidamenti da Roma e Firenz ...
Auction 110
wed 8 JUNE 2011
Genova - Castello MAckenzie
Un interessante insieme di mobili del Novecento e oggetti d'arte di varia fattura, tra cui vetri, ceramiche, bronzi e terracotte
Auction 113
wed 11 MAY - thu 12 MAY 2011
Oglianico Canavese (TO)
Auction of furnishings and paintings from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, families and Rey Villarey Cisa Asinari Grésy of Villa la Femara in Oglianico ...
Auction 111
mon 2 MAY 2011
GENOA - Mackenzie Castle
A series of works including authors already established as Baechler, Scanavino, Crippa and Sassu, as well as international young emerging artists as Shinya Saku ...
Auction 115
mon 2 MAY 2011
Genoa - Mackenzie Castle
Masks, sculptures, furnishings and clothing and other artifacts from major Lombardy and Liguria collections, representing different cultures and used according ...
Auction 103
mon 21 MARCH 2011
A collection of art books and law books, a selection of books from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century and maps

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