Giacomo Moor
Flamingo Palafitte Collection, 2015

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Giacomo Moor Flamingo Palafitte Collection, 2015

Bamboo, brass and sanded glass

Prod. Giacomo Moor Workshop
cm 92x180x30


Lot offered by Giacomo Moor with a 50% donation, subject to VAT, shipped from Milan, Italy

Giacomo Moor's collection is inspired by the fine verticality of stilt houses’ structure, the elegance of Flamingos and the oriental world. The fascination with natural wood, his prime working material, has led Giacomo's research into new scenarios that bridge artificial and natural worlds.
As in the others collections, he focuses on the intersections between design and architecture and the boundaries between big scale and small scale, between the object and its environment. He challenges his passion and ability to work with wood and apply them on a completely new material: layered bamboo.
Driven by the lightness and grace of the vertical stem of bamboo, he embraced the new media and reinterpreted it to create an artificial, inert material, more sturdy and more resistant. Worked on a lathe, layered bamboo is reduced to the thinnest. The swellings that seem to mimic the shape of natural bamboo are nothing but a functional reinforcement for the joints.
The materials used for this collection are layered bamboo, brass, and sanded glass. Except for the brass used to join the vertical sticks and to stabilise each object, which was chosen not only for its structural properties but also for its aesthetic beauty, both sanded glass and layered bamboo were chosen for their functional characteristics. Sanded glass dims the original transparency of glass and evokes the thing sheets of rice paper, whereas layered bamboo guarantees high strength and elasticity; furthermore, layered bamboo, made of forty sheets of bamboo fiber glued together, allows Giacomo to work with the same technique he uses with wood without experiencing breaks.
Giacomo Moor is a designer who lives and works in Milan. He designs for private clients, design companies and galleries.
Born in Milan in 1981, Giacomo Moor begins to work in a carpenter’s workshop at an early age. During his years at the Politecnico University in Milan, under the guidance of professor and architect Beppe Finessi, he starts to bring together rigorous planning with his fascination for the beauty and versatility of woodworking. In 2011, after majoring in Design with a final dissertation on wood called “Valuable Imperfections. Cabinetmaking, from sculpture to design” published by Abitare, Giacomo Moor opens his studio.
From the planning of experimental collections to the production of tailor made furnishings, Giacomo Moor achieves through his practice the dual resolution of ideation and realisation. In his studio/carpentry in Milan, Moor refines and defines his ideas: he designs products for companies, he creates limited editions for galleries, he produces unique pieces for private clients, and he is engaged in every step of the process. Constantly striving to improve carpentry techniques, he unites the precision and the formal rigour of the design with the sensitivity of manual craftsmanship.


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