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Auction 0621Philately
mon 20 SEPTEMBER 2021
Postal History of the Risorgimento
Auction 0605Postal History of the Risorgimento
tue 23 MARCH 2021

The new Department of Philately and Postal History is already active. The "King of Hobbies, the Hobby of Kings" has millions of fans all over the world and CAMBI could not overlook this popular sector that has its origins in the mid 19th century. The philatelic market today is more realistic:  gain is not necessarily considered quick and safe, but an emotional and cultural investment for our and future generations, similar to the original spirit that motivated philatelic collecting in the mid-19th century.

For years now, the best collections have passed through auction houses and the increased range of communications makes it possible to participate in history-making sales in real-time. The professionalism of the operators guarantees a quality-oriented service: now the best catalogs also give space to historical background information in addition to the provenance and descriptions of the items offered, and CAMBI is very much aware of this.

For this reason, the first Postal History auction will feature postal communications of the Risorgimento: letters from the battlefields, sometimes grammatically limping, nevertheless conveying patriotic emotions and vibes. Do not miss the upcoming appointment with CAMBI, register your data, and request a copy of the catalog or entrust your collections or rare pieces to highly competent professionals.

Our leading expert Alessandro Arseni, who boasts decades of international and professional experience, is at your disposal, even for a highly confidential evaluation in the comfort of your home, without any obligation on your part. Please feel free to contact him for more information and appointments.

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