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Original arts by the Masters of Comics

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Photography and Comics
Auction 0686Photography and Comics
wed 15 DECEMBER 2021
Masters of Comics
Auction 0628Masters of Comics
wed 7 JULY 2021
Masters of Comics
Auction 0569Masters of Comics
thu 17 DECEMBER 2020
Modern and Contemporary Art and Comics
Auction 0451Modern and Contemporary Art and Comics
wed 13 NOVEMBER 2019
the masters of comics and illustration
Auction 0406the masters of comics and illustration
wed 5 JUNE 2019

In line with the most important Auction Houses around the world, Cambi is opening to the masters of the Ninth Art. With boards from the artists who have made the history of Comic Art internationally: Breccia, Crepax, Jacovitti, Manara, Pratt, Pazienza and many others. Moreover, sections dedicated to the best Italian and international creators from the “factories of dreams” : Disney, Marvel, DC, Bonelli and Astorina with characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Spider-man, Batman, Tex, Dylan Dog, Diabolik…

The Illustrators’ section presents art pieces of 20th century artists such as Barbier, Brunelleschi, Cambellotti, Gruau, Jacono, Luzzati, Mattioli, Pinter, Sironi, Thole… and contemporary ones among which Cazzato, Di Giammarino, Frezzato, Garelli, Mattotti… 

Finally, a section is dedicated to the Artists expressing themselves through comics such as Larry Camarda, Sergio Cavallerin, Cinzia Ghigliano, Agron Hoti, Lady Be and Sergio Sarri.


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