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February 2012 - n. 03

The year 2012 will be a year full of initiatives and changes for Cambi Auction House. We start immediately, with a new proposal, The Wednesdays at Cambicafé, appetizers with art, weekly appointment that will introduce the world of fine arts and auctions to participants. A direct
link between the Auction House and the new Café opened last year, that is having great success in Genoa.
Then, we will have the main novelty in the field of furnishings and small collecting: 12 auctions in 12 months for 2012, a new and nice way, dynamic and quick, to take part in our auctions. Each month, three or four hundred lots, visible on our website, will be put for sale with low estimates and only with online participation. Finally, fine arts go on the web!
It is worth mentioning, not only the reorganization of some departments, with new experts and coworkers to make our job even more precise and functional, but also, and especially, the opening of representative offices in other cities like Turin, Venice and Lugano.
The most relevant event for the beginning of 2012 is, with no doubt, the opening of a new office in Milan, where a staff of experts will be available for estimates and to advise anyone who might need to sell or buy art works, and where it will be possible to attend the previews of the sales planned in Genoa.
And then, our February auctions from Fine Arts to Old Masters Paintings, from 20th-century Decorative Arts to Design.
April will be the month dedicated to specialist auctions, from African Art and Ancient Carpets, to Jewels and Silvers, Sculptures and Art Objects and Modern and Contemporary Art.
May will propose an uncommon auction, with a selection of Yachts and cruiser boats (in cooperation with Aloisa Moncada di Paternò and Equinoxe & Fraser), anticipated within the magazine in an article by Roberto Franzoni. This is an absolute première for the Italian market, only preceded by the vintage yachts auction, organized always by our Auction House in 2010.
In this issue, we wanted to present to those who don’t know us well, a short introduction to our history, with more than 130 auctions – from Fine Arts to Contemporary Art, from specialist sales to House Sales organized all over Italy – which took place in the last 15 years.
Then, we would like to start showing some dynamics of our work, such as the ones emerging from the article The Art of Photographing Art, a spotlight pointing at the backstage of what happens in an auction house in the days before the exhibition and the sale.
Moreover, there are some focuses on gemstones, African Art and on a well-known foundry in Naples, the Chiurazzi Foundry. As for painting, two important rediscoveries: an interesting painting by Morbelli and a portrait of the Medici family by Sustermans. Among the objects, a couple of  18th-century mirrors belonging to the Corsini Princes and the centrepiece by Gio Ponti, realized in 1926 for the Italian embassies, have two dedicated articles.
We want to highlight then an extremely particular museum on the Golden Horn, in the heart of Istanbul, realized by Rahmi M. Koç, friend and client for more than 20 years of Marcello Cambi and his family. Bruno Cianci, after having described the structure of the Museum, tells us about the
genesis and the development of this extraordinary collection which tells us about art, industry and transports. Visiting it, it is impossible not to be infected by the enthusiasm of its founder. Since today, then, it will be possible to download the new iPhone app Cambi Casa d’Aste, with which, in an extremely simple and intuitive way, people will manage to find the lots for sale in future and past auctions, read the catalogues (divided by categories), make offers and take part in the Live Auctions directly from their mobile devices.
The issue is closed by a short economic report concerning the second half of 2011, with the best adjudications of the Auction House, from Contemporary to Oriental art.
Yacht auction, Cambi on the sea
Despite the current situation of second-hand boat market, extremely reduced because of an excessive offer due to an overproduction of the past ten years, the high number of not finished leasing and the current economic contingency, Cambi launched a new proposition of boats and yachts auction. The system is already in use ...
Chiurazzi Foundry in Naples: A Great Italian Story as Many Others
Within the next spring sales at Castello Mackenzie, with an auction entirely dedicated to Sculpture and Art Objects, three bronze busts of classical inspiration and extraordinary execution, signed “Chiurazzi Napoli”, will be sold. Simple ideas and high quality of hand labour are products that, in any time and ...
A new appointment with sculptures and art objects
In order to answer to all the needs of the complex collecting world, Cambi Aste decided to organize in April a new sale with a catalogue dedicated to Sculpture and Art Objects. The sale consists in a selection of works and manufactures belonging to different periods, many of which presented for the first time and coming ...
Ancient carpets charm
In 2011, for the first time, the Auction House decided to realize two specific sales completely dedicated to ancient carpets, with a huge success in terms of public and sale results, since more than 270 pieces were sold for a total over 300,000 euros. Catchy estimates, together with a good selection of the items, were ...
Gio Ponti, triumphal table centrepiece for italian embassies
After the great success – the award of the Gran Prix – at the “Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes” in Paris in 1925,  the following year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissioned Richard Ginori a table centrepiece that was meant to decorate – ...

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