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Record for Collectors' Silvers

The Collector's Silvers auction, which have been in the Castello Mackenzie in Genoa last May 18 saw the award of the most expensive silver item auctioned in Italy.

A rare German cup in molten, embossed, chiseled and golden (XVI century) with truncated truncated body resting on a circular foot, embellished on the edge and on the base and elegant flower bud, reached the record price of 256,250 euros.

This result is certainly the result of the particular origin of this artifact, belonging to the noble Beck Peccoz family, which draws its origins between Bavaria (Ausburg) and Aosta Valley (Gressoney) and who maintain close ties of friendship and familiarity with the Queen Margherita of Savoy, often a guest in their Gressoney villa during her vacation periods.

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