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September 2011 - n. 02

In these days before the publication of the second issue of Cambi Auction Magazine, our auction house is organizing two important events.
The autumn season is approaching, with the traditional Antiques and Old Master Paintings auction presenting some items of great importance coming mainly from Genoese, Venetian and Piedmontese collections. A section of the catalogue is dedicated also to some interesting ancient silverware, among which it is worth mentioning a nice collection of Tuscany silver, described in the dedicated essay here published.
On 20 September then, the evening before the opening of the exhibition, we would like to celebrate with you in Vico Falamonica on the occasion of the inauguration of the new Cambicafé that, opened quietly during the summer, has already won the approval of its Genoese and foreign clients. At the same time, the historical confectioner’s Vedova Romanengo, located under the bar, will re-open. The firm, set up in Genoa in 1805, represented a point of reference for innumerable Genoese generations.
September is also the month in which Genoa hosts the 14th Congress of the World Federation of Friends of the Museums: to this important event we dedicate an article by Andrea Buffa and Giovanna Rotondi Terminiello, once Superintendent for Artistic Assets in Genoa and now Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of the Congress.
November, then, will be the month of the specialist auctions with catalogues dedicated to Jewels and Watches, Carpets, Oriental Art, 19th and 20th century Paintings (with a small monographic catalogue dedicated to Carlo Quaglia), Furnishing Clocks (with an auction without precedent in Italy) and the dispersion of an Ancient Books Collection with which our auction house, leader in the field, continues a profitable 10-year tradition of sales.
The sale of Modern and Contemporary Art will be extremely important with works ranging from the 20th century up to the present days.
We would also like to spotlight Genoa and its innumerable treasures yet to discover and its museums: in particular, in this issue, we concentrate on the Wolfson Collection as homage to Micky Wolfson Jr. who, selling us Castle Mackenzie in 2002, enabled us to develop and enlarge our auction house.
Marco Franzone will illustrate two unknown works by Badaracco, while Matteo Fochessati will clarify Gio Ponti’s ceramics production. Raffaella Navone is the author of an interesting scientific contribution on jade, a gemstone with numerous properties. And then, Venice through Guardi’s colours, Berto Ferrari’s sea, and the small and big sculptures by Pomodoro, Art Basel, and the emerging figure of the art advisor in the art market.
In the Savoir Vivre column, we decided to present you once again an excellence, this time in the field of the restaurant industry, in the extraordinary Palazzo dell’Arengario in Milan.
And then the market, with a brief analysis of the difficult situation of the first 2011 semester, which brought about enormous changes in the Italian auctions, but which gave us the chance to attain extremely good results in many sectors of our spring auctions.
Finally, our discrete and reliable work, carried out with a constantly increasing skill and professionalism, in the accuracy of our exhibitions and catalogues but also with the constant development of new technologies which gave us always better ways to communicate. So, after the new website, changed in the graphic but especially in its contents, from the next auctions the system Cambi Live will be definitively ready. This system will offer our registered clients the possibility to follow the auctions live from their computers only by a click!

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The golden age of the oriental art
The second auction of Oriental Art is scheduled for next November. This field was officially entered by Cambi Casa d’Aste in 2011 with the creation of a specialist department managed by Jin Xiurui. Such decision was taken looking at the always growing knocking down since 2008 during the auctions selling, among the ...
The Second Life of the Widow
Genoese people, who since 1805 celebrate weddings and other anniversaries with comfits and pastries produced by the historical firm A. Ved. Romanengo, know it simply as La Vedova. And that’s what it still is in the new, extraordinary venue, called in fact Cambicafé-La Vedova (La Vedova means the Widow), hosting ...
The Museo del Novecento in Milan: art and taste with view of the Duomo
Since last December 2010, with the opening of the Museo del Novecento (Museum of the 20th Century), Milan can finally boast of having the museum with the most beautiful panoramic view in the world, from which it is possible to admire the Duomo and its façade but also the entire square and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. ...
From Giorgio de Chirico to Arnaldo Pomodoro Works from a Milanese private collection
The next Modern and Contemporary Auctions in November are presenting a wide offer of lots with a particularly interesting dispersion of an important Milanese private collection with works covering the entire 20th century.  It starts with paintings of the historical 20th century, with an outstanding still life by ...

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