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Jewels and Clocks

Jewels have always been present in the fine art auctions, but only with the arrival of Titti Curzio in 2007 we managed to have a completely new impulse, with at least two catalogues per year, with jewels and stones carefully selected and certified, making our auction house one of the most important in Italy in this sector. In 2009, the sale of the “Gioielli di Prodi” (Prodi’s Jewels) drew the attention of the most important Italian newspapers.

Titti Curzio:
Auctions of ”Jewels and Clocks”
Fine Jewels
Auction 0209 - I - Fine Jewels
tue 18 NOVEMBER 2014
Fine Jewels
Auction 0196 - I - Fine Jewels
mon 19 MAY 2014
Silvers and Jewels
Auction 0188 - Silvers and Jewels
wed 12 MARCH 2014
Silver, Watches, Antique and Contemporary Jewelry
Auction 0178 - Silver, Watches, Antique and Contemporary Jewelry
mon 2 DECEMBER 2013
Silver, Ancient and Contemporary Jewels
Auction 0164 - Silver, Ancient and Contemporary Jewels
tue 21 MAY 2013
Silvers, Ancient and Contemporary Jewels
Auction 0147 - Silvers, Ancient and Contemporary Jewels
mon 3 DECEMBER 2012
Silvers, Ancient and Comtemporary Jewels
Auction 0134 - Silvers, Ancient and Comtemporary Jewels
mon 28 MAY 2012
Ancient and Contemporary Clocks and Jewels
Auction 0117 - Ancient and Contemporary Clocks and Jewels
mon 14 NOVEMBER 2011
Silver, Clocks and Jewels
Auction 0112 - Silver, Clocks and Jewels
mon 14 MARCH 2011
Gioielli antichi e contemporanei ENG
Auction 0104 - Gioielli antichi e contemporanei ENG
tue 14 DECEMBER 2010
Argenti, Gioielli Antichi e Contemporanei
Auction 0095 - Argenti, Gioielli Antichi e Contemporanei
wed 2 DECEMBER 2009