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Wednesday at Cambicafé. Appetizers with Art

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When more than one year ago we took over the ancient brand A. Ved. Romanengo – and we decided to open the Cambi café – we thought Genoa was lacking something, a place we would have enjoyed in one of the main towns we visit while working or on holiday.
An elegant place, full of history and charm, where you can breathe art and culture; a welcoming salon, to be treated with respect, but where you can feel like home thanks to the smiling welcome you get. A place where, surrounded by history and art, you can taste drinks and, why not, get closer to antiques world, so fascinating but frequently considered mysterious and difficult.
How do you recognize ancient furniture? What determines its value? And what about the attribution of a painting? How can a restoration be identified?
How does an auction work? That’s why, with the new year, we decided to organize some short seminars during which the Auction House owners and experts will explain in an easy way how to buy in an auction, how to understand furniture, paintings, carpets, ceramics, silvers, how to read a sculpture or observe a precious stone. There will also be close examinations on books, modern art, restauration, African art, technologies. On the occasion of the exhibitions before the auctions, the people registered to the seminars will have the chance to take part in guided tours seeing and touching the objects they were told about during the lectures. Each seminar will take place on Wednesday at 5 pm and will end with an appetizer about one hour later. You can subscribe for free to a service alerting you on all events concerning the seminars and other initiatives organized by the Auction House. It is necessary to reserve a place for each seminar and the cost of the appetizer is 5 euros.


  • 22/02    Il lavoro di una Casa d’Aste, comprare, vendere, leggere un catalogo - Matteo Cambi
  • 29/02    Introduzione all’antiquariato, riconoscere epoche e stili - Sebastian Cambi
  • 07/03    Panoramica e stili del mobile del Settecento italiano - Emilie Volka
  • 14/03    Come si restaura un mobile antico? Tecniche e accorgimenti - Giancarlo Strano
  • 21/03    I gioielli: storia, qualità e valutazioni - Titti Curzio, Raffaella Navone
  • 28/03    La cultura africana Yoruba, canoni estetici - Paolo Novaresio
  • 04/04    Il fascino del tappeto e del tessuto antico - Giovanna Maragliano
  • 11/04    Arte italiana del secondo dopoguerra - Michela Scotti
  • 18/04    La bellezza della scultura nei secoli - Carlo Peruzzo
  • 25/04    Art Advisoring, servizi di consulenza per l’arte - Andrea Buffa
  • 02/05    Arte e tecnologia, nuovi strumenti per partecipare alle aste - Francesco Gorlandi
  • 09/05    Bernardo Strozzi, freschista e pittore di cavalletto - Camillo Manzitti
  • 16/05    Yacht Auction, il momento delle grandi occasioni - Roberto Franzoni
  • 23/05    Su carta, tela e tavola: analisi e restauro del dipinto antico - Stefano Meriana
  • 30/05    Circolazione, acquisto, vendita ed esportazione di un’opera d'arte - Isabella Bertello

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