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Market: contemporary and oriental art growing

Cambi closed 2011 with the amazing income of 8,850,000 euros. The lots sold last year were more than 5,400, during eighteen sales. Contemporary Art sales were particularly relevant, currently representing 12% of our total income, as well as jewels, which increased by 20% vs. previous year, and Oriental Art that, with 700,000 euros sales, realized its annual record for our Auction House. Ancient Books and 19th-century paintings field were stable, whereas 19th and 20th-century decorative arts pay for the absence of a sale because of the internal reorganization of the department. Sales regarding ancient pendulum clocks were good, even if limited to a small number of lots, whereas positive surprises came from a sector – ancient carpets – neglected for too many years from the Cambi Auction House, and that, at present, has two dedicated auctions per year.
The two years period 2010-11 represented anyway a record for the Auction House, with the consolidation of numerous departments and the confirmation of new ones. Many relevant sales were carried out in the last three months. It is enough to mention the 22,000 euros for the beautiful mountain landscape by Alberto Falchetti; the 58,000 euros for the 9,86 carats diamond, presented during the last jewel auction; the 16,700 euros for a Kirman Laver carpet, or, again, the 18,600 euros paid for a rare Austrian clock of the end of the 18th century. Top price of the Ancient books sale was a 17th-century edition of the Opera Omnia by Ulisse Aldrovandi, sold for 22,000 euros. The most relevant adjudications were registered during the sales of Oriental Art – during which a 4 kg rare coral, after a passionate contest among Asian buyers, was sold for 109,000 euros.

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