New Sale Record in Italy: 4.735.000 euro

Figura Amitayus in bronzo dorato
Figura Amitayus in bronzo dorato
The Oriental Art auction, held on 23 May in Milan, in the prestigious seat of Palazzo Serbelloni, saw the record price for a great and very rare golden figure in Amitayus.

This 68.5-cm high masterpiece began with an estimate of 200,000-300,000 € and was sold at 4.735.000 euros after continuous re-launches, the most expensive object prize ever paid in auction in Italy.

The sculpture depicting Amitayus, the long-standing Buddha, was made in Mongolia in the third quarter of the seventeenth century by Zanabazar, the monk and Tibetan sculpture, which is very influential in the religious and cultural politics of his country.
This rare figure is characterized by an expression of the face at the same time exuding and strong: the arched eyebrows meet at the end of the nose framing the eyes elegantly bowed into profound meditation. The body is proportioned to the Tibetan iconography standards, leaving a sense of naturalness clear. Part of her long black hair is picked up in a tall chignon and part goes down to her feet. He is wearing the thirteen ornaments of a princess bodhisattva: the five-pointed crown, heavy earrings, several necklaces, bands on the arms, bracelets, pearls, belts and anklets. It is erected on a pedestal of completely bloomed lotus flowers and in the hands holds a cup atra.