Manico (Set of 2 armchairs), 2021

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Manico (Set of 2 armchairs) , 2021

The collaboration between It's Great Design and the designer Giuseppe Arezzi gives life to the new Manico armchair. Manico was born from a research project linked to the vernacular tradition and became an ergo- nomic product stripped of the superfluous. “I decided to tell the story of the transition from traditional agriculture to contemporary agriculture, which makes use of increas- ingly sophisticated agricultural machinery. The Manico armchair, built with the handles of those tools that are no longer used, is
now the new chair of the farmer who’s cool- ing off, under an olive tree, looking out at the machines that work for him: a ode to the more authentic and simple Sicilian culture”. The new Manico armchair is a brightly colored indoor seat that interprets the simplicity of rural life. Characterized by its lightness and transparency, Manico is made with the minimum use of material: equipped with an exposed ash wood structure and a fabric seat, it is completed by cushions that make it extremely accommodating.
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mar 14 Settembre 2021
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