Pistil, 2019

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Pistil , 2019

Inspired by Mahdavi’s obsession with flowers and pop culture, Pistil is like a zoomed-in part of a flower. Highly stylised and cartoon-like, this super sophisticated piece showcases Mahdavi’s iconic flair. The table top is made of a single piece of handmade cast glass, while the base is made of brass. The intensive and highly skilled production process gives the table
its unique, rippled surface on the under- side. As with real flowers, it is perfectly imperfect. In fact, for India Mahdavi, flow- ers make us realise a fragility of the world and that the beauty of what we have might disappear. Recreating them in a resistant material like glass shows their delicacy while at the same time preserving their beauty.
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mar 14 Settembre 2021
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