Claudio Rava

Cambi Auction House, thanks to its international character and after careful market analysis, decided to open a new department dedicated to vintage motoring, given the great interest this amazing sector attracts worldwide, and being the first Italian auction house to enter it. The world of collecting linked to motors does not include uniquely vintage and modern motorcycles and cars, but also a range of extremely interesting and diversified objects, from memorabilia – such as suits and helmets once belonging to great champions, ancient relics and chronometers – to motor art paintings, trophies, stamps, books, watches and so on. In order to better understand the interest towards this world, we would like to mention both the passion that important competitions – Formula 1, MotoGP, 24 Hours of Le Mans, 1000Miglia or Tourist Trophy (TT) of the Man Isle – aroused in people, and the great cultural heritage preserved by private collectors or exhibited in museums. All around the world, there are about one thousand museums dedicated to cars, motorcycles and various means of transportation. In addition to that, vintage cars have recently gained always more value, and they have currently reached the same value as gold, the best investment asset. Through this department, Cambi aims at promoting the Italian heritage and companies which made motor history. Genoa, where the Auction House was born, has an important motoring tradition. It is worth mentioning motor builders such as Moto Guzzi and Piaggio (Vespa), which were set up with Genoese assets, as Genoese was the main financer of Itala, famous to have won the Peking to Paris motor race in 1907. Another key man who was born in Genoa was Eng. Bertelli who, in 1926, decided to buy Bamford & Martin from its bankruptcy, which became then Aston Martin, managed by him for 12 years. Claudio Rava, a great motors enthusiast and expert, grown up at Ferrari and with many experiences abroad, is responsible for the new vintage motoring department of Cambi Auction House.The first auction will be held in 2015 (we are already evaluating some articles and vehicles which took part in important events such as 1000Miglia and GP Nuvolari). This is going to be the right occasion to buy or sell vehicles and objects coming from the charming world of motors.