Original arts by the Masters of Comics

The comic book industry has seen a marked flourishing in the last decade, worldwide. The development of the comics and original boards sector is due to the ability of this art to make people travel back in time and experience emotions and fantastic adventures. These are not the only reasons for the growth of the Ninth Art sector.
The works created by the masters who have made the history of world comics, such as Alberto Breccia, Guido Crepax, Benito Jacovitti, Milo Manara, Massimo Mattioli, Hugo Pratt, Andrea Pazienza, Vittorio Giardino, Guy Peellaert, receive great interest in auctions dedicated to comics and illustrations.
The works offered in comics auctions represent excellent opportunities to acquire original plates, rare comics, first editions and collectible comics.

The comics auctions organized by the Dedicated Department offer, in addition to original boards, sections dedicated to the best Italian and international creators of the great "dream factories": Disney, Marvel, DC, Bonelli and Astorina with cult characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Spiderman, Batman, Tex, Dylan Dog, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Diabolik, Snoopy, the Fantastic Four and many others.

The comic book is expressive freedom, original storyboard from the world of comics, genre easy to understand and with high expressive power, it is preferred by younger collectors.
The graphic novel, on the other hand, is depth of theme, a narrative form with the structure of a novel, which moves away from simple adventure and ennobles, from a literary point of view, the comic book. The graphic novel, also known as the comic book novel, psychologically characterizes the characters and marks the artistic development of the entire comic book scene; therefore, the graphic novel is a genre sought after by a more mature, niche collector.

The Department's auctions offer illustrations signed by the most important illustrators of the 20th century, including George Barbier, Umberto Brunelleschi, Duilio Cambellotti, René Gruau, Carlo Jacono, Emanuele Luzzati, Leonardo Mattioli, Ferenc Pinter, Mario Sironi, Karel Thole and many others. The periodic sales also offer works signed by contemporary illustrators such as Marco Cazzato, Lucia Di Giammarino, Massimiliano Frezzato, Giacomo Garelli and Lorenzo Mattotti.

Finally, the comics auctions organized by Cambi Auction House also offer a section dedicated to artists who express themselves through the medium of comics such as Larry Camarda, Sergio Cavallerin, Cinzia Ghigliano, Agron Hoti, Lady Be and Sergio Sarri.

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