POP and Vintage posters

The Twentieth century is, without any doubt, the century of photography as a durable image; often, vintage posters are also a symbol of the past century and an exceptional testimony of the dreams and desires of the people who lived in the nascent modern society of the early ‘900.

The poster, generally a medium and large-sized illustration, was created in the 16th century for advertising, information and propaganda purposes and began circulating at the end of the Nineteenth century. It was in this period of time that the poster started to be used for advertising purposes in public spaces, as an immediate and easy way to communicate ideas, concepts and opinions. For these reasons we can say that the poster is a truly emblematic communication medium for the Twentieth century, and a true artistic expression that leads artists to experiment with new illustration techniques such as collage, new stylistic features and new printing characters.
Thanks to the advertising poster, not only a new language of art spreads, but also a new expressive taste, synced with the then contemporary demands, giving birth to the culture of marketing. Vintage posters of the Twentieth Century and, in particular, those of the post-war period are characterised by an avant-garde visual language, emphasised to the maximum and that, at times, are almost caricatured: bright colours that serve to attract the attention of the public, female bodies represented in a dynamic way to tease curiosity, desire and stimulate the imagination.

The advantages of the manifesto as a means of mass communication are many, and that is why it will be increasingly used, especially during the Twentieth century. It’s scopes were simple: communicate concepts and ideas in a strategic and simple way, without requiring an effort or specific action from the recipient of the message, which was the case for other media. Cambi Casa d’Aste, usually in the Milan branch, presents rare and hard-to-find vintage posters organised in catalogues and two sales a year with collections of posters that are among the most emblematic and significant of twentieth-century publishing.

The Department that deals with vintage posters organises monographic sales of fine children's illustrated books, liberty and art deco posters, erotic posters, magazines and photo envelopes, advertising posters, art and film posters and playbills. The lots that are presented in the Twentieth Century poster auctions are always characterised by great visual impact and originality, always coming from private assignments. Among the best sales of the Department of Collectible Vintage Posters we mention only a few such as the original 1898 affix signed Adolf Hohenstein, Corriere della Sera sold for € 21.350, the 1936 poster signed Franz Lenhart for Modiano, Papers and cigarette tubes, sold in 2020 for € 15. 100 and the original 1934 affix by Marcello Dudovich, Fiat Balilla, the elegance of the lady, sold for € 12.600. Do you want to buy antique posters at auction?

Our experts are always at the disposal of collectors and enthusiasts of original 20th century cards to offer personalised advice for investments and targeted purchases with which to enrich your collection of 20th century posters.
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