China, jewels and design. An international year!

Carlo Bugatti (1856–1940) BUREAU CABINET
Carlo Bugatti (1856–1940) BUREAU CABINET
2012 ended with a record turnover of more than 11,300,000 euros. The increase of 25% compared to the previous year projected Cambi Auction House on top of auction houses in Italy, even overtaking Christie’s, that decided to reduce considerably its presence in Italy cancelling one of the two scheduled appointments; a trend that will probably go on also in 2013. However, the national economic situation is extremely difficult; fine arts and ancient art were particularly affected by the crisis, with a decrease of the turnover compared to 2011, while fields such as design, jewels and oriental art, thanks to their international proposition, increased their sales, performing amazing figures. More than 90% of the Oriental Art Auction was sold abroad, as well as Design: 19 out of 20 top lots were bought by foreign buyers.
+70% for Jewels and Silvers; +380% for 20th-century Art, which doubled its department sales during the year; +580% for Oriental Art, a true protagonist of the season, at present representing 40% of the entire turnover of the Auction House. Results were good also for 19th and 20th-century Paintings, while Modern and Contemporary Art slightly decreased compared to the extremely good results achieved in 2011.
Adjudications concerning Jewels were excellent, especially for natural pearls and precious gems. It is worth mentioning the ensemble composed by earrings and ring with natural pearls that was estimated 16,000-23,000 euros and realized more than 116,000 euros, or the Myanmar sapphire ring that was estimated 10,000-12,000 euros and realized 49,600 euros.
Within the most significant adjudications of the year, we would like to highlight: among Silvers, the wonderful Russian plate representing the Adoration of the Shepherds, with City of Moscow 1851 hard stamps, that, from the cautious estimate of 1,500-1,800 euros, was sold for 19,800 euros; among 20th-century Decorative Arts, the Profilo continuo del Duce (Continuous Duce’s Profile) by Renato Bertelli, sold for 28,500 euros, and a rare piece of furniture by Carlo Bugatti for more than 27,000 euros; among 19th and 20th-century Paintings, a portrait by Alfredo Guttero sold for 62,000 euros; finally, for Contemporary Art, a painting by Agostino Bonalumi (Blu) sold for 26,000 euros.