Barnaba Fornasetti

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Barnaba Fornasetti

Wool rug with Viso decoration.
Fornasetti, Italy, 2009
cm 122x122

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Fornasetti is an atelier that is internationally recognised for the design and decoration of timeless pieces of furniture and accessories. It was founded in Milan in the 1950s by Piero Fornasetti, a versatile and eclectic artist distinguished by an unstoppable creative flair that made him one of the most prolific figures of twentieth century Italy.
Barnaba Fornasetti, Artistic Director and guardian of his father Piero's legacy, has led the brand over the last thirty years with courageous and unconventional choices that have guided it to the international renown and vitality it enjoys today.

Now as always, the Fornasetti dream remains unchanged: to endow everyday objects with a cultural value and, through their decoration, an artistic message. Over the course of its history, Fornasetti has created a bona fide visual language, unique in its refined artistic lines, characterised by humour, nostalgia, metaphor and allusions, capable of turning furniture, accessories and porcelain into genuine conversation pieces”.

Everything is still made strictly by hand in the Milanese Atelier, in limited annual editions. The various phases of the production cycle result in each item being unique, making every Fornasetti object an authentic art multiple.

Alongside the production of objects, Fornasetti now also conceives and curates cultural initiatives, which represent a fundamental part of brand's identity, the atelier's values and the role it wants to play in today's social context.
For Barnaba Fornasetti, no form of artistic creation is precluded, and the tireless questioning and research that has always inspired the brand is now aimed at shaping cultural experiences that go beyond the design and production of products. This area has been gradually developed to the point that it has become a fully-fledged branch of the company's activity, now managed by Fornasetti Cult, an association created from within Fornasetti itself.

Milan is the decorative city par excellence: a collection of styles covering every era that you can appreciate simply by looking up at the facades of the buildings as you walk around the city. What's more, over the years, I have slowly been rediscovering the cultural values of its origins and I would like to bring them to light in some way: let's not forget that it was the City of Lights.
Barnaba Fornasetti