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Majolica and Porcelain
Auction 0471Majolica and Porcelain
tue 9 JUNE 2020
L´Art de la Table
Auction 0454L'Art de la Table
wed 11 DECEMBER 2019
Majolica and Porcelain
Auction 0417Majolica and Porcelain
wed 12 JUNE 2019
Majolica and Porcelain
Auction 0373Majolica and Porcelain
tue 11 DECEMBER 2018
Majolica and Porcelains
Auction 0341Majolica and Porcelains
tue 12 JUNE 2018
Cambi’s majolica and porcelain sales offering European artworks, are auctions of great interest for our clients, collectors and antique dealers, to whom Cambi Auction House offers the opportunity to acquire rare and never seen before objects, artworks of their particular interest. Artworks in majolica and porcelain represent a refined form of art, a sector that obtained important spaces in our auctions catalogues, given its growing interest on the contemporary art market.  

Cambi’s majolica, ceramics and porcelain auction catalogues include decorative pieces and objects for private use such as plates, trays, jugs and tea pots, vases and pharmacy jars, underplates and bottle carriers, objects originating from private collections of Italian and European manufacture, both antique works and from the XVth to the XIXth century.

Among the most impotant results obtained by Cambi’s Maiolica and Porcelain Department, there are pieces such as the couple of porcelain risers of Russian Imperial manufacture sold for €32,000 in 2014 and the couple of porcelain vases with bronze inserts of XIXth century French manufacture sold for €24,500. Important auction results have also been registered by the XVIth and XVIIIth Ligurian majolica artworks, Sevres porcellains form the XIXth century and the Ginori ones from the XVIII century. 

Owners of extensive collections or of single artworks in majolica, porcellain and ceramics, can contact Cambi Auction House for valuations and for the inclusion of their artworks in our auction catalogues dedicated to European antiques, majolica and porcelain.

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