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Fine Jewels
Auction 0679Fine Jewels
tue 16 NOVEMBER 2021
Fine Jewels
Auction 0630Fine Jewels
wed 26 MAY 2021
Fine Coral Jewels
Auction 0630Fine Coral Jewels
tue 25 MAY 2021
Spring Jewels
Auction 0630Spring Jewels
tue 25 MAY 2021
Fine Jewels
Auction 0489Fine Jewels
mon 30 NOVEMBER 2020
Jewelry auctions represent, more than the possibility of acquiring rare and valuable objects, an antique, efficient and sicure investment method. Cambi’s jewelry auctions take place twice a year, and are often combined with the antiques auctions even if, in the last few years, giving the growing requests of the jewelry market and our clients, more and more space are given to this department in dedicated auction catalogues.    

It was with the arrival of Titi Curzio in 2007, director of this department, that Cambi managed to give a whole new impulse to the jewelry auctions, offering regularly at least two specialized catalogues a year that include preciuos stones and splendid jewelry, masterpieces that Cambi’s experts carefully selecte, value and certify, allowing us to satisfy even the most demanding and attentive tastes.    

In 2009, Cambi completed the sale called “Gioielli di Prodi” (Prodi’s Jewels), a charity auction that offered for sale the collection of jewelry that the Italian Prime Minister had received as gifts during his mandate, sale that drew the attention of the biggest national newspapers.  

Designer jewelry occupy ample spaces in Cambi’s auctions catalogues and include jewelry manufactured by the biggest and most important jewelry houses in the World as Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arples, Cartier, Bulgari, Enrico Cirio, David Webb and others, a real investment form in objects with real value that grows over time. Antique and vintage jewelry, other than fascinating works of art, represent artisan creations that often aren’t reproducible, and that testify the extraordinary executive capacity of jewelers and masters, rare pieces capable of expressing the tastes of the past, artistic expressions of rare elegance and beauty.  

Among the most important sales of the jewlery department, can be remembered precious objects such as the splendid earrings with big natural pearls sold for € 280,000, the platinum solitaire ring with Bulgari incision sold for € 190,000 and the gold, silver and diamonds tiara originating from a noble Italian family, sold for € 85,000.

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