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Fine Art
Auction 0360Fine Art
tue 9 OCTOBER 2018
Artworks and Furnishings
Auction 0356Artworks and Furnishings
wed 13 JUNE 2018
Sculpture and Works of Art
Auction 0354Sculpture and Works of Art
tue 29 MAY 2018
Fine Art
Auction 0340Fine Art
tue 20 MARCH 2018
Important Artworks and Furnitures
Auction 0336Important Artworks and Furnitures
tue 19 DECEMBER 2017
Cambi’s antique furniture and decors department is certainly one of our most important auction departments, mostly thanks to the large exhibition spaces available, including a wide range of home furnishings and furniture as tables and chairs, consoles and armchairs, dressers and drawers, bureaus and chandeliers from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. Excellent results were registered in our past auctions of furnishings and Italian and French eighteenth century furniture.

Cambi’s antique furniture sales usually take place twice a year, aiming to meet the demands of our clients as well as the ever-growing interest of the classical furniture market of collectors worldwide. Offering wide collections of furniture and decorative objects, Cambi’s catalogues of antique furniture and decorations auctions include artworks that are carefully valued according to their provenience and age, aesthetic qualities and artistic value.  

Among the top lots of Cambi’s furniture auctions can be mentioned the sale that took place in May 2015, sale collection that included splendid artworks from Mario Panzano’s private antique furniture collections, famous Genoese antique dealer that had a huge importance in the valorisation of Italian art.

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