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Marcello Cambi

Author and soul of the family activity, he is the promoter of several initiatives. He acquired Castello Mackenzie as headquarters of the Auction House, and managed himself the restoration works.
Still representing the symbol of the Auction House, he is now engaged in parallel activities, such as the re-launching of the brand Vedova Romanengo.

Matteo Cambi

After Art History studies at Genoa University and years of experience in the sector of fine arts and auctions, in 1998 he founded the Auction House. He is an expert of old masters paintings, sculptures and majolica and manages the activity focusing on the artistic and communication aspects of these fields.

Sebastian Cambi

He founded along with Matteo Cambi the maison in 1998, and dedicates to the valuations of the proposed furnishings. He specialised himself in XIX and XX centuries' paintings; he is now the activity's Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Giulio Cambi

The youngest brother, he began working for the Auction House in 2007, after background studies  of Graphics and Communication, the same fields he manages within the company.


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Marco Bernasconi

Alessandro Sardino


Milan headquarters

Valentina Boldrin

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Lara Maria Brun

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  • Adriano Soldati

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Valeria Ciappa

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