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Fine Chinese Works of Art
Auction 0685Fine Chinese Works of Art
thu 23 DECEMBER 2021
Oriental Art
Auction 0649Oriental Art
wed 15 SEPTEMBER 2021
Fine Chinese Works of Art
Auction 0612Fine Chinese Works of Art
thu 24 JUNE 2021
Oriental Art | Virtual
Auction 0505Oriental Art | Virtual
fri 5 FEBRUARY 2021
Fine Chinese Works of Art
Auction 0487Fine Chinese Works of Art
tue 24 NOVEMBER 2020
Cambi’s department of Orientalist and Chinese works of art has earned a place amongst the leading departments of our Auction House thanks to the value of its sales, especially in the last few years. Cambi’s Department of Oriental Art auctions represents a sector that registered an impressive growth, mainly due to the tireless attention of Asian Art collectors Worldwide, particularly Chinese works of art.

Cambi’s auction catalogues of oriental art propose a great variety of objects in bronze, jade, coral, ivory, porcelain and wood, splendid works of art such as Chinese vases and antique sculptures, decorative objects and plates, engravings, ceremony utensils and sacred sculptures, flasks and censers, ruyi and jewllery.

Among the top lots sold by the Oriental Art Department are the rare Chinese Moon Flask in white and blue porcelain, belonging to Qing Dinasty, sold for € 2,000,000 in Cambi’s Fine Chinese Works of Art Auction that took place in May 2015. Equally important is the sale of a large screen shield that features polychrome porcelain plaques, also of Qing Dinasty manufacture, Jiaqing period, sold for €2,070,000, a record in the Italian field of Chinese art auctions. In 2012 Cambi Auction House sold for € 596,000 a rare bronze sculpture depicting the figure of Begtse, also manufactured in Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty. In 2013 Cambi Auction House sold for € 690,000 the  extraodinary and rare white jade bell with dorje of imperial manufacture, with Qing Dynasty and Qianlong marks, presented in a black skin cover.

The Chinese Art market has become global in the last few years thanks to technology and the possibility of live participation in sales and auctions all over the World, by phone or using the most advanced services for live auctions like Cambi Live. This is why Chinese and Oriental works of art reach maximum values without being proposed in New York, Shaghai or London auctions. Collectors, art enthusiasts and oriental art lovers from Europe and Asia are familiar with auction houses and art galleries that offer quality works of art as Cambi Auction House and follow closely the previews of the upcoming auctions.

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