Specific Terms and condition for Cambi LIVE

The following terms and conditions provide information concerning the “ONLINE BIDDING” service provided by Cambi Casa d’Aste Srl, hereinafter referred to as “Cambi Live”; these terms and conditions constitute an addition to “Cambi Casa d'Aste Srl” ’s terms of sale and shall not replace the aforementioned terms of sale in any way. Customers are required to read and take note of all of Cambi Casa d’Aste Srl’s terms of sale, that are published on the website www.cambiaste.com, before taking part in auctions via Cambi Live.

Potential buyers shall be held responsible for being informed of all sales notices and listings; they are furthermore invited to view and examine the goods they are interested in, before the beginning of the auction.

As for purchases made through the Cambi Live service, the buyer shall not be entitled to the right of withdrawal as per art. 59 letter m of the Italian Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 206/05).

Currency conversion

The currency used in our auctions is Euro; the conversions to Dollars and Pounds that are available on the website are for informational purposes only. Conversion rates in the Cambi Live service are updated on the day of the auction, therefore Cambi Casa d’Aste Srl shall not be held liable for any mistakes in the conversion due to currency fluctuations.

All purchases shall be made in Euro (€).


The Cambi Live service is offered to bidders as an additional tool that does not replace physical attendance in the auction hall.
Cambi Srl reserves the right to refuse or revoke the permission to bid online and to withdraw online bidding privileges during the sale. The user can thus place bids via Cambi Live and if their bids are successful, the user undertakes to pay the purchase price, including the buyer’s premium as well as any and all taxes and other charges that may apply.

In the event of non-payment, Cambi Casa d’Aste Srl reserves the right to charge the auction rights, which amount to 25% of the hammer price, to the client’s credit card.

Bids via Cambi Live are placed in real time, so as to make it possible for online buyers to bid at the same conditions that apply to bidders that are physically present or bidding by telephone.

In order to win a lot, buyers must click on the “bid” button; their bid shall then be final and non-modifiable.

Throughout the auction, the system will display all kinds of offers: those collected online (ONLINE BIDS) and those placed in the room (ROOM BID).
In the event of a tie between an online bid and a room bid, the room bid shall prevail and the online bid shall be voided.
Bidding increases will be displayed on the “Bid” button; room bids may differ from the bid displayed on the button, as the auctioneer may change the increases at any time, at their sole discretion.

Online bidders will only be able to place the bidding increases suggested by the system itself.

In the event of discrepancies between online recordings, or messages sent by the Cambi Live system, and the data recorded in the auctioneer’s sales log, the auctioneer’s sales log shall prevail and be considered as final.

Payment and collection

If a lot is awarded to an online buyer, they shall receive a notification from the system and shall be able to view all the lots they have placed bids on by clicking on the “Bid summary” button: won lots shall be highlighted in green. This document shall not be considered as an invoice.

All invoices will be sent out after the end of the auction.

Buyers are kindly requested to contact Cambi Casa d’Aste Srl’s offices as soon as possible after the end of the auction in order to lay out the delivery of the purchased items; this so as to avoid incurring in storage charges.

In addition to the hammer price, the buyer undertakes to pay to Cambi Casa d'Aste Srl any and all charges and taxes on the sale as well as value-added taxes, or to use tax compensations or fiscal equivalents in the place of sale.

The same terms and conditions for payment and collection of goods apply, regardless of how the winning bid was placed (e.g. online, in the room).

The terms for payment and collection are described in detail in the “Terms of sale” page on the website www.cambiaste.com.

Technical remarks

Cambi Casa d'Aste Srl offers the Live Auction service as an additional service for its clients.
Cambi Casa d’Aste Srl shall not be held liable for any errors or technical difficulties that clients may experience while placing bids over the Internet, including but not limited to any errors or faults caused by Internet connection failures or by software or hardware issues.
Cambi Live is a free service; Cambi Casa d'Aste Srl shall not be held liable for the failed implementation of an online bid or for any errors that may arise out of the system.

The online bidding app is optimised for broadband connections (ADSL). If you are using a dial-up connection, we recommend disabling the “Cambi Video” window.
If you experience problems in viewing the video, we suggest you check your firewall settings.