Cambi Live Terms and conditions

Cambi Live – Terms and Conditions

Cambi Live – Terms and Conditions
The following terms and conditions contain information on Cambi “ONLINE BIDDING” service, hereinafter referred to as “Cambi Live”; such terms and conditions add to the sales terms of “Cambi Casa d'Aste Srl” and will by no means replace them.

Potential buyers must understand and look at all the listings they are interested in, before the auction starts.

For purchases made through the Cambi Live service, the purchaser will not be able to benefit from the right of withdrawal, as required by art. 59 lett. m of the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 206/05).

Currency exchange rates

The currency used in the auctions is the euro; US Dollars and British Pounds exchange rates published on the website are approximate. Exchange rates published on “Cambi Live” are updated on the auction day; therefore “Cambi Casa d'Aste Srl” will not be liable for any mistake in the exchange rates due to currency fluctuations.
All purchases to be made in Euros (€).


“Cambi live” is offered to bidders as an additional service, not as a replacement of what happens in the auction house.
Cambi S.a.S. may reject or withdraw permission to bid online and remove the online bidding privileges during the sale.

Users can bid through “Cambi live” and, if they win, they shall pay the purchase price, including the buyer’s premium and any other applicable tax or charge.
Failure to pay will result in the Auction House charging to the winner's credit card the amount of the auction fee, i.e. 24% of the winning price.

The bidding procedure when using Cambi Live is an instant process, so online bidders can enjoy the same terms and conditions when outbidding the other bidders who are in the auction house or on the telephone.
To win an item, bidders must click on “BID”; such bid will be binding and may not be changed.

During the auction, the system shows all kinds of bids, both online and room bids.
If an online bid and a room bid are equal, the room bid will prevail and the online bid will be cancelled.

A raised bid will be shown on the “BID” button; the room bid might be different from the one shown on the “BID” button, since the auctioneer can change the increases at any time.
Online bidders may only bid by the same increases as those established by the system.

If the online registrations or the messages sent by the Cambi Live system differ from those recorded in the auctioneer’s sales registry, the auctioneer’s sales registry will be final and binding.

Payment and collection

If you win the auction, you will receive a message from the system; you will be able to view all the items you bid on by clicking on “Bid summary”: the items you knocked down will be highlighted in green. Such document is not an invoice. Invoices will be posted after the end of the auction.

Buyers are kindly requested to contact us by telephone or personally as soon as possible after the sale for delivery details; so they will not have to pay for unnecessary storage charges.
In addition to the price of the item, the buyer shall pay to “Cambi Casa d'Aste Srl” any charge, value-added tax or sales tax or use tax set-offs or tax equivalents in the sales places.

The terms and conditions for payment and collection will apply regardless of the way the winning bid was put in (e.g. online, in the auction house).
The terms and conditions for payment and collection are detailed on the “Terms and Conditions” page, at

Technical considerations

Cambi Casa d'Aste Srl offers the Asta Live service as an additional service to its customers.
Cambi Casa d'Aste Srl will not be liable for any mistake or problems that may occur when bidding online, including, but not limited to, mistakes or failures resulting from lost connections, software or computer problems.

Cambi Live is a free service, Cambi Casa d'Aste Srl will not be liable for any failure to bid online or for any system-generated error.

The online bidding application is optimised for broadband connections (ADSL). If using a dialup connection, disable the “Cambi Video” window.
In case of problems viewing the video, please check your firewall.