Active for almost twenty-five years with headquarters in Genoa and Milan and offices in Rome, Turin and Venice, Cambi is at the top of the Auction Market in Italy with over 100 sales per year, curated by 26 departments and a team of 70 professional

Cambi Auction House was founded in Genoa in 1998, and distinguishes itself at  international level since the first house sales. Focused at first on Ancient Art,  its offer is now equally distributed into three macro areas: Ancient, Modern, Luxury. Over the years, alongside the consolidation of Ancient Art proposals, great attention has been given to the  Modern Art and Design, Oriental Art, Jewelry, Watches, Wines departments' development.

Cambi moves its headquarters to the prestigious Mackenzie Castle in 2004, marking the beginning of a long season of success and significant growth, reaching in 2010 a turnover of over 10 million euros.

The ambition to establish its relevance in the international market, led the Auction House to open the Milan headquarters of Palazzo Serbelloni's inauguration in 2013. In the same year Cambi exceeds 20 million euros, becoming the first auction house in Italy by turnover.

In the second decade of 2000, Cambi keeps to collect national and international records in all of ts 26 departments, which involve all the Art and Collection's fields.

In 2017 a rare Tibetan Zanabazar sculpture was sold at 4,7 million euros, the most expensive work ever auctioned in Italy. The record confirms Cambi as the first auction house in the C ountry, with a turnover of over 35 million euros.

Cambi is today a point of reference in the country for the art and collecting market, thanks to high quality catalogues edited by a selected expertise and to the outcomes of Milan and Genoa's auctions. The most important Italian collectors and a selected bunch of international customers allowed Cambi to  achieve several records and to lead important house sales, as well as successful dispersions of entire collections.


  • Year of the Auction House's foundation, which opens its first seat in the historic premises of Salita della Tosse, in the Genoa city centre, which had hosted the family business since the Seventies.
  • In addition to the first Antiques auctions, Marine art auctions are held, representing the first department of the Auction House.


  • The first monographic catalogue dedicated to scientific instruments that will have an international success, gathering customers from all over Europe and United State, counting four museums among buyers.
  • The Cambi catalogues are available for the first time on


  • The House Sale Villa Ricciardi Toscanelli in Tuscany - with over 400 participants - brings the sales to more than 3 billion lire. 
  • A Night watch sold at 120 million marks a record. 
  • Opening of the Ancient Books department, directed by Gianni Rossi.


  • Remarkable growth of the auctions, in terms of number and level, especially in the Antiques and Ancient Paintings fields; the record of the year is a Still life by the Genoese painter Jan Ross, sold for almost 100 million lire.


  • House Sale Palazzo Tornielli of Crestvolant in Piedmont.
  • The house of the Robin: the works and furnishings from the studio home of the Genoese painter Oscar Saccorotti's auction, which reached the doubling of estimates and a 90% of sold per lot.
  • Opening of the Decorative Arts of the twentieth century's department, directed by Sandro and Thea Casarino.


  • Ancient Art auctions alternate with those of Art and Decorative Arts of the twentieth century, along with the first sales of Modern-Contemporary art.
  • A painting by G.W. Lambert is sold at 63,000 euros, marking a record for the painter outside Australia.
  • House Sale Villa de Nobili Fossati Raggio, Genoa.


  • The Auction House moves its headquarters to Mackenzie Castle in Genoa.
  • The inaugural auction reaches 2 million euros by turnover and marks the beginning of a great season of Ancient Art auctions, that will continue in the following years


  • Great attention is given to the Ancient Paintings sales, which achieve record-braking amounts, especially regarding the Genoese school of the Seventeenth Century.
  • House Sale Castello di Tassarolo, property of marchesi Spinola, Piedmont.


  • Dispersion of several private properties including a collection of 17th century, composed by marble sculptures from a noble Genoese family which attracts buyers from all over Europe.
  • Design furniture shows up more and more frequently In the 29th century's auctions.
  • An important Scientific Instruments auction finds buyers across Europe and United States.


  • Panini, records for the department of Old Masters and for the Auction House.
  • Opening of the 19th and 20th century Painting Department.


  • House Sale Villa Canessa Devoto, Rapallo, Liguria
  • Opening of the Jewels Department, directed by Titti Curzio
  • Opening of the Modern and Contemporary Art Department.


  • Sale of a painting by Franz Von Stuck for 136,000 euros: a record for the 19th and 20th century Painting Department.


  • Auction 100: Cambi celebrates its hundredth auction with a selected catalogue of the 100 best lots amongst all the departments.
  • L'Atelier dei Fratelli Svedomskij: a monographic auction dedicated to two Russian painters active in Rome at the end of the 19th century.
  • The annual turnover of the auction house exceeds for the first time 10 million euros.


  • House sale Villa la Femara: an auction that collects the furnishings and paintings of Rey di Villarey and Cisa Asinari di Grésy families by Villa la Femara in Oglianico Canavese, Piedmont.
  • A sphere of San Leo by Arnaldo Pomodoro is sold for 100,000 euros and a card of Afro Basaldella for 144,000 euros, thus marking a record-breaking for the department.
  • Opening of the Oriental Art department directed by Dario Mottola; a coral sculpture is sold for 110,000 euros.
  • The first number of Cambi Magazine, the Auction House’s half-year information magazine, which will become the most popular publication in the field of Antiques in the following years.
  • The first Time Auction in Italy was held by Cambi.


  • A Chinese bronze sculpture representing Begse is sold for 600.000 euros: a record for the Oriental Art department and the highest award for the Auction House.
  • Opening of the Collectible Silvers Department, directed by Carlo Peruzzo.
  • Opening of an office in via Senato, Milan.
  • House Sale Collections from the home of a fine Bolognese art connoisseur.
  • First Yacht Sale.
  • First African Art Sale.


  • Inauguration of Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan, where the first Milanese auctions will be conducted. Cambi is the only auction house to operate in two locations from different cities in Italy.
  • Opening of an office in Turin.
  • Record for the Jewelry Department with natural pearls earrings,  sold for 350,000 euros.
  • Record for Contemporary Art with a painting by Antonio Dias sold, for 325,000 euros (world record for the artist).
  • Record for the Old Masters Department with Tree of Jesse by Battista di Gerio, sold for 450,000 euros.
  • Opening of the Design Department directed by Piermaria Scagliola.
  • For the first time, Cambi achieves a 23.5 million's annual turnover, becoming the Italian leading auction house.


  • Bartolozzi Auction, antique dealers since 1877.
  • Opening of the London office.
  • Record-breaking for the Old Piantings Department with Albero di Jesse by Battista di Gerio, sold for 450.000 euro.
  • Great success for the Oriental Art sales with an important Chinese tripod incense burner Quianlong sold for 335,000 euros, a monumental Chinese red coral sculpture of the nineteenth century sold for 217,000 euros and a precious ruyi in jade sold for 310,000 euros.
  • The annual turnover of the Auction House exceeds 17 million euros and with 17.2 million it is the fourth auction house in Italy.


  • Opening of the Wrist Watches Department directed by Francesca Tagliatti.
  • Opening of the Majolica and Porcelain Department directed by Enrico Caviglia.
  • Mario Panzano Auction - Antiques.
  • Sale of two four-leaf clover closets at 312,000 euros, Cambi’s record for an antique furniture. 
  • House Sale Furnishings from the residences of Ercole Marelli’s heirs.
  • Sale of a pocket watch Audemars Piaguet for 106,000 euros: a record for the department.
  • A table by Gio Ponti is sold for 387,000 euros, a record for the Design Department, for a furniture design sold in Italy and a world record for Gio Ponti.
  • Sale of a flask of the Moon in porcelain of Yongzheng epoch to 2,500,000 euros, the most expensive object of art sold in Italy in 2015, a record for the Oriental Art department and for the maison. 
  • The annual turnover of the auction house exceeds 25 million euros and with 26 million euros it is the third auction house in Italy.


  • Opening of the Murano Glass department directed by Marco Arosio, who simultaneously directs the Decorative Arts of the twentieth century Department.
  • Sale of a Chinese table at 606,000 euros: a record for a furniture sold in Italy.
  • Sale of a Syrian majolica vase at 218,000 euros: a record for the department of Majolica and Porcelain.
  • Sale of a vase by Paolo Venini at 250,000 euros, record for the department, for a glass sold in Italy and for the artist in the world.
  • Murano 1890-1990. A century of Glass Art auction: 240% of sold for value and 2,120,000 euros in awards.
  • House Sale From the noble floor of Palazzo Corner Spinelli in Venice.
  • Opening of the Rome office.
  • The annual turnover of the Auction House exceeds once again 25 million euros: with 27 million euros it is the second auction house in Italy.


  • Sale of a Sixteenth Century's German silver cup at 256,000 euros, which signs a record-breaking for the department and for a silver sold in Italy.
  • Sale of a glass by Bianconi at 275,000 euros, a new record for a glass sold in Italy.
  • Sale of a 5,63 carat solitaire for 243,000 euros.
  • Sale of an Ecce Homo by Jan Sanders for 262,000 euros.
  • A Tibetan sculpture Zanabazar is sold for 4,735,000 euros, a record for Cambi and the most expensive work ever auctioned in Italy.
  • House sale Taste, Furnishings and Residences. An Italian Collection: with 2,551,000 euros of awards represents the most important dispersion of a single property conducted by the Auction House, the best way to celebrate Auction 300.
  • A painting by Peter-Paul Rubens depicting Seneca dying is sold for 585,000 euros, which is a record for the artist in Italy.
  • Sale of a double-body Chinese porcelain vase for 682,000 euros.
  • For the first time, the annual turnover of the Auction House exceeds 30 million euros and with 35 million euros it gets to be the first auction house in Italy.


  • Move to the new headquarters in Via San Marco 22 in Milan: with its 1200 square meters of surface and 8 windows on the road it reinforces the presence of the Auction House in Lombardy.
  • Turnover record for a contemporary auction that exceeds for the first time the 2 million turnover.
  • Sale of a Hector and Andromache by De Chirico for 262,000 euros
  • Sale of a painting by Cagnaccio di San Pietro for 162,000 euros: world record for the artist.
  • Sale of Portrait of Antonio Donghi at 212,000 euros: world record for the artist.
  • New departments dedicated to Vintage Cars, Photography, The Masters of Comics and Illustration, Posters and Papers of the '900.
  • Record for a Fine Design auction that reached 1,458,000 euros selling 130 lots.
  • Sale of a painting by Serodine at 337,500, record for the artist in the world.
  • Sale of a Chinese bronze sculpture for 218.000 euros.
  • The annual turnover of the Auction House exceeds once again 27 million euros, and with 27.46 million euros it is the third auction house in Italy.


  • Opening of the Collectible Wines and Spirits Department with great response from the sector Market.
  • Opening of the Mirabilia Department, led by Iacopo Briano.
  • Inauguration of L'Art de la Table format, with an outcome of 178% sold by value.
  • Important dispersion of Gio Ponti's works during the auction Casa di Fantasia, held in London and created in collaboration with Phillips, with a realization percentage of 877%.
  • Absolute record for Gio Ponti with the sale of a pair of drawers from Casa Lucano, sold together for 681,500 euros.
  • Sale of Cover for futuristic music by Balilla Pratella by Umberto Boccioni, sold at 212,500 euros, third best result for the artist.
  • Sale of a 6,74 carate solitaire diamond for 262,500 euros.
  • The annual turnover of the Auction House reaches once again 27 million euros: it is the fourth auction house in Italy


  • The auction Out of the Ordinary is presented, as a result of an ambitious project created together with the journalist Gianluca Nicoletti and the participation of Sky and Radio24.
  • With the Design Loves Milano charity auction Cambi supports the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan, contributing to the fight against COVID-19 with a donation of 120,000 euros.
  • Sale of the 19 volumes of the engraved works by Giovanni Battista Piranesi for 200,000 euros: a new record for the Department of Ancient Books.
  • Sale of a natural pearl necklace for 181,000 euros.
  • A rare work by Giuseppe Santomaso realizes 187.000 euros, the extraordinary painting by Richard Lin The Long and the Short is sold for 194.000 euros, while I do not leave the rest of Alighiero Boetti is sold for 206.000 euros.
  • The Portrait of Antoine-Jean Gros, painted by the French painter Elisabeth Vigèe Le Brun, is the top lot of the year, being sold for 325,000 euros.
  • The annual turnover of the Auction House overcomes the amount of 25 million euros - with 25,85 million euros it must be considered as the third auction house in Italy.


  • Opening of the Numismatic Department, directed by Paolo Crippa.
  • Opening of the  Philately and Postal History Department, directed by Alessandro Arseni.
  • In February, Cambi is the first Auction House in Italy to sell a Dinosaur's skeleton in the Mirabilia Auction, for the incredible amount of 300,000 euros.
  • White glove sale for the auction of wines realizes 100% of sold per lot and 250% for value.
  • First sale dedicated to Russian Art.
  • Record for an auction of Fine Design: 1,55 million euros with only 100 lots involved.
  • The 156,300 euros sale for a Bazaar Superstudio Group sofa marks a world record.
  • The House Sale Villa Bucci Errani in Faenza realizes 1,6 million euros: 86% of sold per lot and 256% for value.
  • Sale of a Venetian lacquered commode for 193,000 euros
  • Sale of a console with Venetian mirror for 181,300 euros
  • Sale of a vivid yellow 7,74 carat solitaire for 298,000 euros
  • Sale of a jar porcelain owned by the Chinese Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368) for 350,000 euros.
  • Sale of a Magdalene belonging to the Seventeenth Century Napolitan school for 462,000 euros
  • The House Sale Palazzo Loschi Zileri dal Verme is held in Vicenza, which realizes over 1.75 million euros with 106% of sales per value.
  • 2021 concludes with a turnover of over 36.5 million, thus confirming the best year ever for Cambi and pushing the Auction House to further improve its offer.


  • White glove Sale for the numismatics auction which with just 100 lots achieves the incredible sum of 3.5 million euros, setting numerous world records for the lots offered.
  • An Ark for Ukraine, Charity Auction conducted by Fabio Fazio
  • The auction of old master paintings on June 15 achieves 2,280,000 euros, the best result for the department
  • Extraordinary success of the Fine Design auction which surpasses the previous year's record with almost 1,600,000 in turnover
  • House sale Eclectica, the Home of designer Nicolo Castellini Baldiserra with 86% of sales which doubles the initial estimates
  • Collaborations with important Italian design brands, Fontana Arte and Saporiti at the ADI design Museum in Milan.
  • Inauguration of The One format, watch auctions held in prestigious Italian locations dedicated to wines, watches and cars
  • House sale Villa di Maser with over 1 million sold and 82% of lots awarded which double the estimates
  • The November jewelery auction achieves 2,100,000 euros, the best result for the department
  • Boucheron bracelet with diamonds sold for 496,000 euros, the Italian record for a Boucheron jewel
  • Pablo Picasso, Homme a la tranche de pastèque sold for 310,000 euros, an Italian record for a gouache by Picasso
  • Brilliant cut solitaire of 6.58 ct sold for 244,000 euros
  • Pair of chests of drawers by Piero Fornasetti sold for 225,000 euros, an Italian record for the artist
  • Pair of Venetian glass and bronze candlesticks from the 16th century sold for 219,000 euros, a record for antique glass in Italy.
  • Francesco Paolo Michetti, L'Ottava, sold for 212,000 euros, a world record for the artist
  • Vitorio Amedeo I, 10 gold scudi from 1635 sold for 212,000 euros, world record
    Carlo Emanuele II, 10 gold scudi from 1663 sold for 200,000 euros, world record
  • Giuseppe Maggiollini, Work table sold for 185,000 euros
  • Gaetano Gandolfi, series of four portraits sold for a total of 563,000 euros
  • Cambi is crowned as the best auction house in Italy in Artribune's Best of 2022
  • 2022 ends with over 42 million euros and for the third time in the last ten years Cambi is the leading auction house by turnover in Italy


  • Iconic, the Audermars Piguet Royal Oak and Daniel Roth Chrono monopusher watches in platinum sold respectively for 112,600 and 137,600 euros.
  • Auction record for the Marilyn Model diamond choker sold for 112,600 euros and the 13.39-carat brilliant-cut diamond for 106,350 euros.
  • Excellent results also for the Modern and Contemporary Art department, which made several top lots, including the work of Fortunato Depero “Pagliaccetti” (1918) sold for 100,100 euros, “Senza titolo” (1960) by Giuseppe Santomaso which totaled 116,345 euros, the "Head of a child" (1887-1889) by Medardo Rosso sold for 120,100 euros and the absolute record for this first part of the year, "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" (1961/63) by Sergio Lombardo sold for 162,600 EUR.
  • From the Old Masters catalogue, the oil on panel “Corteo dei Magi” by the Master of Marradi sold for 137,600 euros, once again setting an auction record.
  • With a turnover of over 3.6 million euros, Design conquers the place of first department of Cambi Auction House in the first half of 2023. Absolute top lot, a terracotta vase by Ettore Sottsass (Prod. Bitossi, Italy , 1957) sold for 60,100 euros.
  • Great success also for "Italian houses", the appointments dedicated by Cambi Casa d'Aste to the collections linked to specific houses, which recorded over 2.4 million euros.
  • With 55 auctions, 30 of which online, and 10 top lots that exceeded €100,000, Cambi Casa d'Aste closed the first half of 2023 with a turnover of €20,117,728.