Philately and Postal History

The Department that deals with philately auctions is one of the most recent departments for Cambi, created to respond to the requests of fans of the King of Hobbies, the Hobby of Kings. That of philately is a sector that hides an irrepressible passion for stamps, small pieces of colored paper capable of telling the story of postal shipping, which for many centuries was the only means of communication between people at a distance.

The market of stamps today is realistic and, in spite of an important emotional component behind collecting, the gain is not considered as fast and secure. Investing in stamps is considered a cultural investment for this generation and future generations, similar to the original spirit that drove philatelic collecting in the mid-nineteenth century.

Stamp collecting has continuously evolved, transforming itself from a simple collection of material to a systematic and chronological collecting, a continuous search for the most suitable lots for one's collection. Collecting stamps is certainly a thoughtful activity that requires time, but it is not for this reason that it is less popular today, in spite of the continuous difficulties including the scarcity of use of the stamps themselves and the advent of pre-printed envelopes, which replace stamps.

It is now customary for the best stamp collections to go through the auction houses and, thanks to new technologies such as the live auction, it is possible to participate in real time in the sales. Cambi Auction House offers philately and postal history auctions twice a year, usually in spring and autumn. Monographic philatelic sales represent unique opportunities to acquire rare and antique stamps, presented individually or in lots of collections.
In the Department of Philately and Postal History auctions, in addition to rare and collectible stamps such as stamps of the Kingdom of Italy and ancient Italian states, you can find envelopes, letters and registered mail, documents, antique flyers, postcards and newspapers, from private collections.

Alessandro Arseni, an expert of the Department of Philately, has decades of international and professional experience, and is always at your disposal for free valuations, even at home.
Ask now for an estimate without obligation for the stamps in your possession, so as to better value the goods you wish to offer for sale. Selling rare stamps and valuable philately with Cambi Auction House is easy, advantageous and fast.

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Alessandro Arseni

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