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Rare Books
Auction 0562Rare Books
thu 15 JULY 2021
Engravings, Views, Maps and Rare Books
Auction 0477Engravings, Views, Maps and Rare Books
thu 11 JUNE 2020
Rare Landscapes, Maps and Books
Auction 0382Rare Landscapes, Maps and Books
wed 3 APRIL 2019
Auction 0385Photography
wed 5 DECEMBER 2018
Old and Rare Books
Auction 0334Old and Rare Books
wed 15 NOVEMBER 2017
Cambi’s department that curates the books, prints and photography auctions begins its activity in 2004, year in which the experts start to evaluate and include artworks to be included in the auction catalogues with a certain regularity, representing a landmark for collectors in Italy and Wordwide.

Cambi’s auctions of books, prints and photography offers artworks such as limited run and first edition books, prints and antique ligatures, valuable books, manuscripts, rare illustrated editions, incunables, literature, scientific and law paper works, astronomy and cartography books, artistic and historical prints and geographical works.  

Among the most important sales of Cambi’s Department of books, prints and photography can be remebered the manuscript of Cesare Francesco Cassini (1738) sold for € 54,000, the extraordinary typographic monument “Somma delle conoscenze geografiche maturate tra la fine del medioevo e il Rinascimento” signed by Abrahmi Orteli dating from 1601 – sold for € 38,000 and, least but not last, a first edition of Alessandro Manzoni’s masterpiece “I Promessi Sposi” (1825 - 1827), sold for €19,000. 

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