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Sculpture and Works of Art
Auction 0682Sculpture and Works of Art
fri 3 DECEMBER 2021
Palazzo Loschi Zileri dal Verme
Auction 0674Palazzo Loschi Zileri dal Verme
wed 20 OCTOBER 2021
Sculpture of the XIX-XX century
Auction 0570Sculpture of the XIX-XX century
thu 17 JUNE 2021
Sculpture and Works of Art
Auction 0615Sculpture and Works of Art
thu 17 JUNE 2021
La Superba, homage to Genoa and its arts
Auction 0500La Superba, homage to Genoa and its arts
tue 30 JUNE 2020
Cambi’s sculpture auctions are a fundamental sector of our activity, represented by a department that registered excellent results from the first sales ever organized, an area that continues to grow thanks to the large interest from our Italian and international clients and one that answers in the best possible way to the sculpture artwork market’s growing demands.

The extensive artworks offer of Cambi’s sculpture department has made us register important sales of marble and iron pieces, ivory and wood artworks, coral and terracotta, glass and crystal works of art, representing various artistic and cultural periods as Reinassance, Neo-Classicism and Classicism, Baroque and Italian Rococo, Romanticsm, Gothic and late Gothic  art as well as Flemish artworks.

After a careful selection and valuation, our sculpture experts include in Cambi’s auctions catalogues, pieces that derive often from private collections, rare and unpublished sculpture masterpieces, art objects that enjoy an ever-growing attention from collectors worldwide.

Among the top sales of Cambi’s sculpture auctions can be remembered important artworks such as the white marble figure of “Putto Ebbro” of a Baroque artist next to Alessandro Algardi sold for €75,000, the splendid “Madonna in Trono con Bambino” – an artwork from the XVth century French Art School, sold for €64,000 and the XVIIIth century white marble “Coppia di cani seduti”, sold for €42,000. 


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