Specific terms and conditions for Cambi TIME

The following terms and conditions provide information concerning service for the “Cambi Time” auctions”; these terms and conditions constitute an addition to “Cambi Casa d'Aste Srl” ’s terms of sale and shall not replace the aforementioned terms of sale with the exception of the clauses hereinafter specifically governed.

Customers are required to read and take note of all of Cambi Casa d’Aste Srl’s terms of sale, that are published on the website www.cambiaste.com, before taking part in Cambi Time auctions.

Terms of participation

Time auctions only take place online and the lots are not available for viewing before the sale. Buyers, however, may request Condition Reports for the lots, by submitting the form that is available within the lots’ cards.

In order to take part in Cambi Time auctions, users must create a “My Cambi” account, submitting all required information and documents; in their absence, registration will be denied.


Cambi Time auctions are subject to the “Time Extension” rule: this rule implies that if the potential buyer places a bid on a lot within the last five minutes of the auction, bidding on said lot is extended for five more minutes, so that other competitors may place their bids.

The other bidders shall also receive an email informing them that their bid has been exceeded and shall thus be able to bid higher.

The auction will be extended every time that a potential buyer places a bid in the last five minutes of the auction; for this reason, it is not possible to determine a definite closing time for our auctions.

When the last five minutes of the online auction have passed and no further bids have been placed, the online auction shall be closed.


The buyer who will have placed the highest bid at the end of the auction will receive an email confirming that the lot has been awarded to them.

Currency conversion

The currency used in our auctions is Euro; the conversions to Dollars and Pounds that are available on the website are for informational purposes only. Conversion rates in the Cambi Time service are updated on the day of the auction, therefore Cambi Casa d’Aste Srl shall not be held liable for any mistakes in the conversion due to currency fluctuations.

All purchases shall be made in Euro (€).

All invoices will be sent out after the end of the auction.

Buyers are kindly requested to contact Cambi Casa d’Aste Srl’s offices as soon as possible after the end of the auction in order to lay out the delivery of the purchased items; this so as to avoid incurring in storage charges.

The terms for payment and collection are described in detail in the “Terms of sale” page on the website www.cambiaste.com.

Right of withdrawal

Regarding the lots purchased in Cambi Time auctions, buyers shall be entitled to the right of withdrawal (pursuant to and for the purposes art. 59 of the Italian Consumer Code) only if the seller qualifies as a professional in the field.

The buyer can withdraw from the contract within the final term of 14 days from the moment in which they have acquired possession of the purchased item, without having to give any reason, by communicating it in writing via registered letter with return receipt to Cambi Casa d’Aste Srl at its headquarters in Genova - Mura di San Bartolomeo 16, or via certified email to the address cambiaste@pec.it.

Cambi Casa d’Aste S.r.l. shall reply to this communication and let the buyer know if it is possible to proceed with the withdrawal. If it is possible, Cambi Casa d’Aste S.r.l. shall also inform the seller of the withdrawal.

For the purposes of the right of withdrawal, the buyer is deemed to have acquired possession of the purchased item 10 days after paying for it, even in the event that the buyer has not yet physically collected the item.

Returning a lot

If the buyer exercises their right of withdrawal, they shall proceed to return the item at their own expense within 14 days following the auction house’s response; the auction house shall issue the refund upon receiving the returned item.

The refund shall be issued to the same payment method used by the buyer for the first transaction, unless otherwise stated.

Technical remarks

Cambi Casa d’Aste Srl shall not be held liable for any errors or technical difficulties that clients may experience while placing bids over the Internet, including but not limited to any errors or faults caused by Internet connection failures or by software or hardware issues.
Cambi Time is a free service; Cambi Casa d'Aste Srl shall not be held liable for the failed implementation of an online bid or for any errors that may arise out of the system.