Hongjie Yang
Synthesis Monolith, 2018

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Hongjie Yang Synthesis Monolith, 2018

Stainless Steel

Prod. Studio Hongjie Yang
cm 40x30x47


Lot offered by Studio Hongjie Yang with a 50% donation, subject to VAT, shipped from Eindhoven, Netherlands

They stand apart from this world, like monuments from the unknown. The boundaries of time and material are blurred and compressed in these series of monolithic objects. In each, rough-hewn forms fuse seamlessly into sleek refined surfaces, as if expressing an evolutionary arc conveyed across a single object: from the rubble of a primitive deep history to a smoother and an imagined smoother, more elegant future context. Both functional and sculptural, these furniture pieces made in either aluminium or stainless steel are the outcome of an innovative casting method that blends ancient techniques with modern technology. This allows the transformation of a material to be captured in a single work, a metamorphosis that blurs the organic and the machined until it is no longer clear what separates the natural from the artificial. What emerges are brutalist totems for our liquid modern times. Their mystical forms offer a means to reflect on the symbiotic relationships that define the origins of mankind and what lies beyond.

Hongjie Yang's practice explores the power of transformation by bringing in wide range of disciplines into the world of art, design and technology. Venturing into parallel universes, the designer-artist based in the Netherlands blends fact and fiction, the familiar and uncanny to speak the increasingly fluid times we live in. What emerge from his journeys are otherworldly objects that liquify our dualitoes of existence to offer glimpses of liberating possibilities. They are an alchemy of Yang’s investigations into materials and experiments with fabrication processes. Such an approach is informed by his years of design training in the USA and then at the Design Academy Eindhoven, where he received a Master in Contextual Design in 2015. Like specimens unearthed from uncharted domains, Yang’s works brings us closer to the edges of our human condition, and even into the unknown.

Why Milano:
It has been difficult for me having seen earlier what happened in China and how much a world that I was once familiar with has changed. As it progressed to Europe, and especially in Italy, the situation only became more difficult. I know everyone is looking for help or offering to help with something. This inititive is a great channel to do so. The design community provocates and connects people. There was no
hesitation for me to join.