Cufflinks Coffee Table - Giallo Noce, 2021

€ 2.000,00 / 3.000,00
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Cufflinks Coffee Table - Giallo Noce , 2021

Largh. 40 - Prof. 40 - Alt. 55 Cm
The Cufflinks coffee tables take inspiration from the geometries of the cufflinks. The reference, in oversize format, becomes a coffee table that maintains the allure and sophistication of this iconic male accessory. The shape of the table top echoes the faceted geometries of the upper part of the cufflinks: in the auction pieces the marble top, matt polished Giallo Noce or polished Nuvolato Etrusco, both Budri marbles, is further embellished by the satin steel edging. The structure, brushed stain-
less steel, is formed by two metal blades, while the cylinder with rounded ends at the base recalls the precious volume of the torpedo cufflinks clip.
The entire structure of the tables is made of stainless steel with a satin finish. Cristina Celestino often gets her project inspiration from the world of jewelry: where the shape of the jewelry becomes function and the attention to the aesthetic aspect is never decorative only.
Shipped from Italy
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