Charta Side Table, 2019

€ 800,00 / 1.000,00
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Charta Side Table , 2019

Largh. 50 - Alt. 36 Cm
'Charta' - Limited series of side tables in cotton cellulose pressed and hand-worked cot- ton cellulose, colored with earth pigments and natural oxides. The side table, which are made of pressed cotton cellulose, following the ancient process of artisanal paper production and colored with earth pig- ments and natural oxides, are composed of several overlap- ping cylindrical elements. Each part of the table is defined by a different color, in a chromatic progression from light to dark. The inspiration for ‘Charta’ is linked to the collaboration with Manifatture Soffici Milan and their researches on the processing of cotton cellulose, traditionally used for the hand- crafted production of “Carta” in Fabriano city (Italian word for “paper”).
Limited Edition 10 Shipped from Italy
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