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Carlo Peruzzo
Giovanni Raspini
Italian Silvers Advisor
Fabio Noli
Cambi’s department dedicated to silver artworks auctions offeres once a year a great variety of silver masterpieces both of domestic and sacre use, rare and precious pieces that originate from private collections.  

The silver auctions catalogues, often merged with the jewelry auction catalogues, include objects produced by important antique Italian silver hallmarks, English, French and Russian hallmarks, silver filigree collections, splendid tobacco tins, precius cafetieres and a rich atrworks selection signed by the most important maisons as Bulgari, Buccellati and Tiffany.  

Cambi’s silver auctions had registered important sales during the last few years; some of the artworks to be remembered are the XIXth century Russian silver pieces sold for € 28,000, the XVIIIth and XIXth century Genoese silver artworks such as the jewelry box sold for €7,000 and important Roman and Maltese silver pieces.
Auctions of ”Silver”
Collectors´ Silvers
Auction 0349Collectors' Silvers
wed 13 JUNE 2018
Collectors´ Silvers
Auction 0324Collectors' Silvers
tue 14 NOVEMBER 2017
Taste, Furniture and Residences, An Italian Collection
Auction 0300Taste, Furniture and Residences, An Italian Collection
tue 13 JUNE 2017
Collectors´ Silvers
Auction 0287Collectors' Silvers
thu 18 MAY 2017
Silver Collection
Auction 0269Silver Collection
wed 16 NOVEMBER 2016
Collectors´ Silver and Objets de Vertu
Auction 0257Collectors' Silver and Objets de Vertu
thu 5 MAY 2016
Italian and European Silver Collection
Auction 0244Italian and European Silver Collection
wed 18 NOVEMBER 2015
Fine Jewels
Auction 0209Fine Jewels
tue 18 NOVEMBER 2014
Silver an a Filigrana Collection
Auction 0196Silver an a Filigrana Collection
mon 19 MAY 2014
Silver, Ancient and Contemporary Jewels
Auction 0164Silver, Ancient and Contemporary Jewels
tue 21 MAY 2013