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April 2011 - n. 01

We have decided to launch a project we have been considering for some time and which has no parallel in Italy. Our own magazine. A way of communicating with our clients, explaining who we are and what we do in more detail.
And it won’t be just about Cambi: we’ll be dedicating plenty of space to learned contributions from critics and art historians and keeping our readers up to date on what’s happening in the art and antique world with articles and reviews on exhibitions, books, museums and other cultural events.
With the first issue of our magazine, we also want to give a welcome to the survey “The art of savoir vivre,” which we hope will delight the most  curious and passionate the real bon vivants and travel lovers who wish to live the more pleasant and state-of the art experiences during their spare time.
A magazine in Italian and English because we want to be heard beyond our national borders, to create a lively dialogue that everyone can take part in, with comments on a whole range of topics as well as what’s happening at Cambi.

House Sale villa La Femara
Luigi Rey di Villarey and Olga Cisa Asinari di Grésy were brother and sister. They adored each other, but could hardly have been more different. Luigi was a passionate hunter and bon vivant, who retreated to Oglianico Canavese (at the time a tiny village in the middle of the countryside to the north of Turin, which ...
The accademia ligustica di belle arti museum a true treasure chest
Sadly, it is very likely that the prize for one of the least popular and least visited artistic venues in Genoa must go the Museo dell’Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti. The lack of appreciation on the part of the people of Genoa for places which conserve the remains of the city’s glorious past is another depressing ...
The Buccellati jewels
Milan 1919: just after the end of the First World War 28 year-old Mario Buccellati took over the goldsmith’s where he had served his apprenticeship and founded the company that still bears his name today. During the 1920s he swiftly became the jeweller and silversmith of choice for Milan’s aristocracy, with ...
Art for all but not for everyone
There has been a growing interest in Italy in traditional art from non-European countries, and in particular from Africa. And the region of Liguria has responded to this interest with a number of projects, including the current exhibition at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa scheduled to run until June 2011. Other examples are the ...
Meissen, quality not period
A series of replica porcelain echoing their 18th-century originals from the Royal Saxony Meissen works, the Dresden factory, were on offer at the Cambi Auctioneers spring sales. The discovery, or more accurately, the rediscovery, of porcelain is owed to the alchemist J.F. Böttger, who was imprisoned in the Fortress ...

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