Carpets and Rugs

Casa d'Aste Cambi organises auctions of antique carpets and rugs regularly since 2011, collections in which a wide range of European-made, Eastern and Middle Eastern carpets, tapestries and rugs are inserted.
Often with lots coming exclusively from private collections, our antique carpets of carpets offer our customers the opportunity to win rare and unpublished lots, true masterpieces of Italian and international artisan production. The criteria for choosing and evaluating antique carpets, in addition to those concerning the realization such as the richness of the decoration and the motifs, are the aesthetics, the intensity and depth of the color, conservation status and rarity, the originality of the realization and overall refinement.

In recent years, Casa d'Aste Cambi has achieved excellent results in the sales of antique carpets; among the most important awards of the Department of Carpets and Rugs are certainly the Chinese silk carpet with dragon decoration with gilt bronze threads of the nineteenth century, sold for € 33,000, the Persian carpet of the nineteenth century with a brick background with a splendid central medallion in blue with geometric decorations, sold for € 16,500 and the Persian Keshan Manchester carpet with a pink background embellished with an elegant floral decoration, sold for € 12,000.
In addition to the sales dedicated exclusively to antique carpets which include lots of Persian, Chinese, Turkmen, Indian, European and Armenian provenance, carpet aficionados can often find items of their interest in antiques auctions as well. 

Collectors and enthusiasts of antique rugs, tapestries and rare carpets can turn to our experts for personalized advice on their budget, style and size needs. Do you want to sell an antique carpet in your possession? Request a free and no-obligation evaluation from the Cambi Casa d'Aste experts and make the most of the assets in your possession.