Porcelain and Ceramics

Cambi auction house organises regularly auctions of fine ceramics and porcelain, Italian majolica and pottery of European and Middle Eastern production, sales that are of great interest to our customers.
Auctions of porcelain, ceramics and majolica are aimed to offer unique occasions to the most meticulous collectors of fine ceramics, both of Italian and international production.  

Cambi’s sales are rare opportunities for collectors, enthusiasts, antiquities dealers and lovers of all things beauty who participate in our auctions to purchase rare works of the highest quality and aesthetics. 

In the monographic catalogues of majolica and porcelain auctions, large spaces are reserved to ceramics produced from the Fifteenth century to the end of the Nineteenth century, as well as porcelain and majolica made by the most important Italian and European manufacturers. Quality and aesthetics are the guidelines of our auction catalogues, two characteristics that fuel the desire to select for our customers the best and rarest pieces that the market can offer. In addition to the monographic catalogues, ancient majolica and collectible porcelain are also included in the antiques and fine art catalogues, with the scope to offer real opportunities to our customers to acquire rare works of excellent quality, perfect to enrich and enhance art collections.  

The catalogues of the porcelain and ceramics auctions are extremely heterogeneous collections able to satisfy the most demanding tastes: from the coffee cup to the large decorative vase, from the surtout to the precious snuffbox, glass coolers, plates, finely decorated antique albarelli, fine mugs and cups, up to large assortments of precious ceramics and majolica, objects of art and crafts that represent an important testimony of the taste and customs of the time.

Among the best results obtained in the majolica auctions organised by Cambi Auction House are the sale of a Syrian albarello from the Fifteenth century, sold for € 218.850, a Faenza cup by Baldassarre Manara from the first half of the sixteenth century sold for € 90.000 and a dish of Deruta from Giacomo Mancini's workshop, sold for € 60.000.
Among the many porcelains we remember the rare white porcelain figurine of the eighteenth-century Venetian factory Hewelcke sold for € 28.750 and the “Flora Danica” table service for twelve people, which found a new owner for € 50.000.

Collectors or owners of majolica or porcelain artworks, both individual pieces and whole art collections, may contact our Auction House in order to obtain free and non-binding valuations for the artworks in their possession.

Our experts are available, by appointment, in many Italian cities on the occasion of the valuation days. Selling majolica and porcelain at auction with Cambi Casa d’Aste is easy, fast and profitable.