Fine Frames and Mirrors

The frames have always been companions of the most beautiful paintings, and have the ambition to further enhance the artistic language of the works contained. Of course, it is quite difficult to surpass the aesthetics and expressiveness of pictorial works, but, sometimes, antique frames can eclipse, for elegance and refinement, the paintings themselves.

Cambi Aste dedicates a department to the selection of antique and rare frames, of different styles and of Italian, French and international production. Experts evaluate to include in monographic auctions rare frames and valuable mirrors, with the awareness that these are an expression of the craftsmanship of masters of the past, objects that have not only decorative purpose, but that enhance the beauty of paintings and enrich the environments where they are placed.
Lovers of art and ancient painting will be able to appreciate, in addition to the context of the pictorial work, also its elegant frame. It is easy to understand that the frame that frames an ancient painting can generate attention and convey to those who admire the work the importance and artistic value of the same. In order to best approach a painting, the frame should always be chosen in the style of the painting and, as far as possible, of the same period, therefore contemporary to the date of execution of the work.

The auctions of antique frames and mirrors are periodically organized by Cambi Auction House and include a wide choice of frames in various sizes and models, masterpieces of craftsmanship, which will surely satisfy the highest expectations.

The Department that organizes the auctions of antique frames and mirrors constantly draws the attention of Italian collectors and of the great foreign merchants, who are constantly in search of the right measures and style for their most precious paintings. The specialization in antique frames and precious mirrors has always been one of the strong points of Marcello Cambi, the director of the Department. Since its beginnings in the world of antiques back in 1980, Marcello Cambi's art workshop in Genoa was famous for its wide selection of antique frames and precious mirrors.

Are you looking for the right frame to fit a canvas in your possession? Discover the catalogs of periodic auctions of antique frames or contact our offices for information and professional support. Our experts are at your disposal to choose the most suitable frame for your needs.

Do you want to sell an antique frame? Do you need to get an appraisal of a rare frame or a collection of valuable frames? The experts of the Department of Frames and Mirrors offer a professional and free appraisal service, allowing those who intend to sell at auction to discover the value of the objects in their possession. Request a free, no obligation appraisal now.